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Leadership and Management in Nursing - Test 2

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Leadership and Management in Nursing - Test 2 Study online at https://quizlet.com/_1wv888 1. Factors Contributing to Rising Costs: best health care in the world longer life spans prescription drug... s chronic health problems 2. leader: anyone who uses interpersonal skills to influence others to accomplish a specific goal 3. manager: an employee who is responsible and accountable to efficiently ac￾complishing the goals of the organization 4. functions of leaders: - achieve consensus within the group about goals - maintain structure that facilitates accomplishing goals - supply information that helps provide direction and clarification - maintain group satisfaction, cohesion and performance 5. functions of managers: - clarify the organizational structure - choose the means to achieve goals - assign and coordinate tasks - evaluate outcomes and provide feedback 6. formal leadership: practiced by a nurse with legitimate authority described in a job description 7. informal leader: exercised by a staff member who does not have a specified management role 8. functions of nurse managers: planning organizing directing - the process of getting the organization's work done controlling - establishing standards of performance, measuring performance, eval￾uating performance, and providing feedback 1 / 10 Leadership and Management in Nursing - Test 2 Study online at https://quizlet.com/_1wv888 9. leadership styles: autocratic democratic laissez-faire bureaucratic 10. American Organization for Nurse Executives (AONE) Core Competencies: Leadership: - communication and relationship management - professionalism - business skills and principles - knowledge of health care environment 11. Nursing Roles: Staff Nurse Charge Nurse First-Level Manager Clinical Nurse Leader Director VP CNO 12. Leaders: - need followers to lead - need followers to accomplish goals and help team succeed - are followers too 13. Followers: - influence leaders - vary from passive to active, dependent and uncritical, to independent and critical - share qualities with leaders 14. Authentic Leaders: - connect to pressures of front-line staff - are passionate about creating quality work environment - generate energy to do the impossible [Show More]

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