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Macroeconomics 17th Canadian Edition By Christopher T.S. Ragan (Test Bank )

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Economics is a living discipline, changing and evolving in response to developments in the world economy and in response to the research of many thousands of economists throughout the world. Through s... eventeen editions, Economics has evolved with the discipline. Our purpose is to provide students with an introduction to the major issues facing the world's economies, to the methods that economists use to study those issues, and to the policy problems that those issues create. Economic Issues and Concepts Economic Theories, Data, and Graphs Demand, Supply, and Price What Macroeconomics Is All About The Measurement of National Income The Simplest Short-Run Macro Model Adding Government and Trade to the Simple MacroModel Real GDP and the Price Level in the Short Run From theShort Run to the Long Run: The Adjustment of Factor Prices Long-Run Economic Growth Money and Banking Money, Interest Rates, and Economic Activity Monetary Policy in Canada Inflation and Disinflation Unemployment and Fluctuations and the NAIRU Government Debt and Deficits The Gains from International Trade Trade Policy Exchange Rates and the Balance of Payments [Show More]

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