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NURS 6550 Acute Care Study Guide for Midterm 1

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MIDTERM STUDY GUIDE NURS 6550 Acute Care Study Guide for Midterm Psychosocial * Generalized anxiety disorder diagnosis criteria * Treatment of acute panic attacks * Inpatient treatment ... of depression * When is serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibit or indicated * Venlafaxine dosing * Endogenous depression pathophysiology * Differences between panic attacks and panic disorder * Depressive disorder symptoms * Primary neurotransmitter in PTSD * PTSD diagnosis and treatment * Lithium side effects * Common adverse effects of atypical antipsychotics * Mental status changes related to UTI in elderly * Delirium in geriatric patients * Short Confusion Assessment Method (Short CAM) * Types of dementia (Lewy body, vascular, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s) * Aricept * Management of disinhibition in elderly * Physical findings when death is imminent * Limits of pain medication on dying patient * Theories about successful aging…(Erikson’s, Levinson’s, Peck’s, Butler’s) * Psychological abuse of elders * Transtheoretical model of change * Death anxiety * Assessing driver safety in elderly * Geriatric Depression Screen EENT * Eye pain from medications * Cataracts * Chronic uveitis * Gonococcal conjunctivitis * Viral, allergic, bacterial conjunctivitis * Macular degeneration * Dacrocystitis * Open angle glaucoma * Metal FB in eye * Penetrating eye injury * Corneal abrasions * Orbital cellulitis * Orbital fractures * Sensorineural hearing loss * Conductive hearing loss * Age related hearing loss * Transient hearing loss * Acute otitis media * Vertigo (acute or central) * Epistaxis * Bacterial sinusitis * Tonsillitis * Epiglottitis * Slit lamps, Snellen chart, Amsler grid, Wood’s lamp * Beta adrenergic antagonists * Cholinergic mimetic * Prostaglandin analogs * Osmotic diuretics Cardiovascular disorders * ACS protocol: low risk vs high risk mi * Contraindications to thrombolytic therapy * MONA * Duke criteria for infective endocarditis * Heart murmurs * Endocarditis treatment * Pericarditis s/sx and treatment: inflammation of the pericardial sac * Treatment and findings for acute anterior wall MI * Monitoring wedge pressures * Medications for CHF * Aortic stenosis: narrowing of the aortic opening restricting the blood flow from the left ventricle to the aorta and may affect the pressure in the left atrium * Diastolic failure * Thoracic aneurysm * Medications for acute descending aortic aneurysm: * Treatment plans for PAD * Risk factors for DVT * PE risk factors * Hypertensive urgency vs crisis * Chronic venous insufficiency treatment * Cardiac rehab * Stroke treatment guidelines * Coumadin guidelines * How to read EKGs [Show More]

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