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Multinational Business Finance 15th edition By David K. Eiteman, Arthur I. Stonehill, Michael H. Moffett, (Test Bank )

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Brief Contents PART I: GLOBAL FINANCIAL ENVIRONMENT Multinational Fin Mgmt: Challenges & Opportunities The International Monetary System The Balance of Payments Financial Goals and Corporate Gove... rnance PART II: FOREIGN EXCHANGE THEORY & MARKETS The Foreign Exchange Market International Parity Conditions Appendix: An Algebraic Primer to Parity Conditions Foreign Currency Futures & Options Appendix: Foreign Currency Options Pricing Theory Interest Rate Derivatives & Swaps Exchange Rate Determination & Forecasting PART III: FOREIGN EXCHANGE EXPOSURE Transaction Exposure Appendix: Complex Option Hedges Translation Exposure Electrolux of Sweden Currency Management New #2 Operating Exposure Rolls Royce & Brexit New #2 PART IV: FINANCING THE GLOBAL FIRM The Global Cost and Availability of Capital Raising Equity and Debt Globally Multinational Tax Management International Trade Finance PART V: FOREIGN INVESTMENTS & OPERATIONS Foreign Direct Investment & Political Risk Multinational Capital Budgeting & Cross-Border Acquisitions Answers to selected end-of-chapter problems [Show More]

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