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MICROBIOD 171 WITH CORRECT AND COMPLETE ANSWERS 1. Assuming a constant (non-adjustable) light source power, identify the part of the microscope you would adjust to limit the amount of... light entering the microscope. Select all that apply. A. Objective B. Condenser C. Iris diaphragm D. Eye piece C. The iris controls the amount of light that passes through the sample and into the objective lens. Thus, it can be adjusted (opened or closed) to alter the amount of light. 2. What is the total magnification (relative to your eye) of a sample imaged with a 60x objective and a 10x eyepiece? Show your math. 60 x 10 = 600x magnification 1. Identify what type of electron microscope was used to capture the following image and explain your choice. [Show More]

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