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Lewis's Medical-Surgical Nursing, 11th Edition With Verified Questions and Answers

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Lewis's Medical-Surgical Nursing, 11th Edition With Verified Questions and Answers 1. A patient who has been in the intensive care unit for 4 days has disturbed sensory perception from sleep depriv... ation. Which action should the nurse include in the plan of care? a. Administer prescribed sedatives or opioids at bedtime to promote sleep. b. Cluster nursing activities so that the patient has uninterrupted rest periods. c. Silence the alarms on the cardiac monitors to allow 30- to 40-minute naps. d. Eliminate assessments between 2200 and 0600 to allow uninterrupted sleep ANS: B Clustering nursing activities and providing uninterrupted rest periods will minimize sleep-cycle disruption. Sedative and opioid medications tend to decrease the amount of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and can contribute to sleep disturbance and disturbed sensory perception. Silencing the alarms on the cardiac monitors would be unsafe in a critically ill patient, as would discontinuing all assessments during the night. 2. Which hemodynamic parameter best reflects the effectiveness of drugs that the nurse gives to reduce a patient’s left ventricular afterload? a. Mean arterial pressure (MAP) b. Systemic vascular resistance (SVR) c. Pulmonary vascular resistance (PVR) d. Pulmonary artery wedge pressure (PAWP) ANS: B SVR reflects the resistance to ventricular ejection, or afterload. The other parameters may be monitored but do not reflect afterload as directly. 00:0201:17 3. While close family members are visiting, a patient has a respiratory arrest, and resuscitation is started. Which action by the nurse is best? a. Tell the family members that watching the resuscitation will be very stressful. b. Ask family members if they wish to remain in the room during the resuscitation. c. Take the family members quickly out of the patient room and remain with them. d. Assign a staff member to wait with family members just outside the patient room. [Show More]

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