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Chapter 9 Case Study Nightingale Project Part A & Part B

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Assignment: Chapter 9 Case Study: Nightingale Project-­‐ Part A & Part B Background: Assigned to assist in producing a project plan to be first to market with Nightingale, a nickname give... n to a project for the development of handheld electronic medical reference guide, available for use by emergency medical technicians. The goal is to produce 30 working handheld units in time to meet the October 25th deadline in order to showcase the devices at the MedCON event. Rassy Brown, in charge of the Nightingale project has called a meeting with the project team to begin work on a schedule to include a description of all activities, duration, and cost of production and miscellaneous expenditures to support project deliverables. The following schedule addresses the following questions: Part-­‐A 1. Will the project as planned meet the October 25th deadline? 2. What activities lie on the critical path? 3. How sensitive is this network? Part-­‐B 1. Is it possible to meet the deadline? 2. If so, how would you recommend changing the original schedule (Part A) and why? Assess the relative impact of crashing activities versus introducing lags to shorten the project duration. 3. What would the new schedule look like? 4. What other factors should be considered before finalizing the schedule? [Show More]

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