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Pre-Assessment WGU American Politics and the US Constitution C963 Latest Updates 2023

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Pre-Assessment WGU American Politics and the US Constitution C963 Who was responsible for drafting the Bill of Rights and submitting it to Congress? - James Madison Why did the colonists oppose be... ing taxed by Great Britain? - They did not have elected representatives in the House of Commons What was a major difference between the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution? - The Articles of Confederation did not provide for a national judiciary Why did the framers design the government under the Articles of Confederation with a Congress? - They wanted a government based on the representation of the population What did the Great Compromise between the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan that was finalized in the Constitution establish? - A two-chamber congress What were the results of the three-fifths compromise? - It allowed slave states to count three-fifths of their enslaved population for the purpose of representation What was a Federalist argument in support of the ratification of the Constitution? - A strong national government is better for national defense and economic growth Which concept was James Madison referencing when he stated, "Ambition must be made to counteract ambition" in Federalist, no. 51? - Separation of powers and checks and balances What is a judicial check on the executive branch? - The Supreme Court can declare actions by the executive branch unconstitutional What describes dual federalism? - State government and national government have exclusive authority in clearly defined jurisdictions Which congressional action would be the result of the implied powers of Congress? - Congress passes a law raising the minimum wage to $10.00 per hour [Show More]

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