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c)What is the significance of AI in the following areas?[6 marks]i.Medicineii.Industry/manufacturingMaking better products with generative designArtificial intelligence is also changing the way wedesi... gn products. One method is to enter a detailed brief defined by designers and engineers asinput into an AI algorithm (in this case referred to as "generative design software").Adapting to an ever-changing market.AI algorithms can also be used to optimize manufacturingsupply chains, helping companies anticipate market changes. This gives management a hugeadvantage, moving from a reactionary/response mindset, to a strategic oneIii MilitaryWarfare PlatformsDefense forces from different countries across the globe are embedding AI into weapons andother systems used on land, naval, airborne, and space platforms. Using AI in systems based onthese platforms has enabled the development of efficient warfare systems, which are less relianton human inputCybersecurityMilitary systems are often vulnerable to cyber-attacks, which can lead to loss of classifiedmilitary information and damage to military systems. However, systems equipped with AI canautonomously protect networks, computers, programs, and data from any kind of unauthorizedaccess.Target RecognitionAI techniques are being developed to enhance the accuracy of target recognition in complexcombat environments. These techniques allow defense forces to gain an in-depth understandingof potential operation areas by analyzing reports, documents, news feeds, and other forms ofunstructured information. Additionally, AI in target recognition systems improves the ability ofthese systems to identify the position of their targets [Show More]

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