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ATLS practice 2022 Questions With All the Correct Answers Assessed first in trauma patient correct answer- Airway (*)Degree of burn that is characterized by bone involvement correct answer- Fourth Com... plications of head trauma correct answer- Intracerebral hematoma Extradural hematoma Brain abscess Most common cause of laryngotracheal stenosis correct answer- Trauma Intervention that can help prevent development of acute renal failure correct answer- Infusion of normal saline A 26-year-old male is resuscitated with blood transfusion after a motor vehicle collision that was complicated by a fractured pelvis. A few hours later, the patient becomes febrile, hypotensive with a normal CVP, and oliguric. Upon examination, the patient is found to be bleeding from the NG tube and IV sites. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis? A. Hemorrhagic shock B. Acute adrenal insufficiency C. Fat embolism syndrome D. Transfusion reaction correct answer- D. Transfusion reaction Skin antiseptic correct answer- -Ethanol 70% is an effective skin antiseptic -Acetic acid can be used to treat Gram- skin infections -Salicylic acid is used to treat certain skin yeast infections Class IV hemorrhage indicates what % blood loss correct answer- 55% How does shivering affect body temperature correct answer- Increases body temperature Class III hemorrhage indicates what % of blood loss correct answer- 35% Management of a stable patient with kidney contusion correct answer- Observation Associated with hypovolemic shock correct answer- -Inadequate tissue perfusion with resultant tissue hypoxia -Blood shunting to vital organs -Decreased circulating blood volume and decreased venous return -Low cardiac output -Loss of less than 20% of the blood volume is usually without symptom except for mild tachycardia -Patients become orthostatic with losses between 20 and 40% -Shock is evidenced by tachycardia, hypotension, oliguria, flat neck veins The most effective method of monitoring the success of resuscitation during CPR? correct answer- Reactivity of pupils to light Used to ensure correct placement of endotracheal tube correct answer- -Ultrasound -Bilateral breath sounds -Sustained end-tidal CO2 Total body surface area involved in a burn in an adult to the anterior chest and abdomen correct answer- 18% What is often caused by carotid massage? correct answer- Bradycardia Step in a patient diagnosed with tension pneumothorax correct answer- 1. Needle decompression/ thoracotomy 2. Chest tube True statements regarding diaphragmatic injuries correct answer- -Blunt diaphragmatic injuries are usually associated with skeletal trauma -Penetrating diaphragmatic injuries may be missed -Repair of traumatic diaphragmatic injuries usually does not require prosthetic material First priority in the treatment of an unconscious patient correct answer- Checking the pulse A patient involved in a road accident is brought to the emergency department in an unconscious state. On arrival, her vitals show a temperature of 96.4 degrees Fahrenheit, a respiration rate of 24 breaths per minute, a heart rate of 140 beats per minute, and a blood pressure of 80/40 mm Hg. She is cold, shivering, and perspiring profusely. She has bilateral reactive pupils but she does not respond to pain. On physical examination, she has no obvious sign of external bleeding. Which of the following cannot be the cause of hypotension in this patient? A. Pelvic fracture B. Fracture of femur C. Intracranial hemorrhage D. Hemothorax correct answer- C. Intracranial hemorrhage A patient suffered a slash to his right neck. The wound is [Show More]

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