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CA Esthetician State board practice exam 2023 complete solution

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CA Esthetician State board practice exam 2023 complete solution Staphlococcus ✔Ans✔ What type of bacteria is in the pulse of blemishes Blood and Lymph Vessels ✔Ans✔ How are the cells f... rom the epidermis nourished Downwards ✔Ans✔ What direction do you remove cleanser from a man's face Effleurage ✔Ans✔ What massage technique do you use to spread moisturizer Prevents water from escaping the skin ✔Ans✔ What is the role of silicone in a product It reflects light ✔Ans✔ How does titanium dioxide work to protect from the sun Fragrance ✔Ans✔ What causes the most allergic reactions Subcutaneous Layer ✔Ans✔ Where is the adipose tissue found Langerhans Cells ✔Ans✔ They help protect the body from infection Stratum Granulosum ✔Ans✔ The layer located below the stratum lucidum Intrinsic ✔Ans✔ Natural aging Extrinsic ✔Ans✔ Aging caused by the sun alcohol smoking Carbuncle ✔Ans✔ A group of boils Black ✔Ans✔ The ethnicity that age is the least Platysma ✔Ans✔ Muscle that connects the shoulder to the chin Cilia ✔Ans✔ Eyelash hair Powder ✔Ans✔ Helps to set the foundation [Show More]

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