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WGU C207 Module Quizzes Multi Choice Version Data-Driven Decision Making Test Bank 2023/2024

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WGU C207 Module Quizzes Multi Choice Version Data-Driven Decision Making Test Bank 2023/2024 For companies to attract and retain their best customers they need a complete portrait of who they ar... e. To develop this portrait companies turn to... a. Statistics b. Analytics c. Management Science d. Histograms Ans- b A manufacturer wants to maximize their factory output while specifically minimizing labor costs. What type of analytics might they employ to achieve this goal? a. Descriptive Analytics b. Predictive Analytics c. Prescriptive Analytics d. Diagnostic Analytics Ans- c What type of data error that occurs in measurement is constant within a data set and is sometimes caused by faulty equipment or bias? a. Random b. Omission c. Outlier d. Systematic Ans- d An Educator develops a new standardized test to measure math skills of ninth graders. She has students in her home state of Ohio take the test. If the test is to be used on a national level, what type of error might be found in her data? a. Omission Error b. Systematic Error c. Measurement Bias d. Information Bias Ans- c A city government is trying to determine the national origins of its recent immigrant population. If a survey of the immigrant population is conducted in English what type of error might be present in the data? a. Random b. Omission c. Outlier d. Accuracy Ans- b The use of Big Data is increasingly important to businesses in competitive markets. Which of the following characteristics is not true of big data? a. Requires the use of analytics b. Contains structured data c. Contains unstructured data d. Can be analyzed with traditional spreadsheets Ans- d The Davenport-Kim three-stage model consists of framing the problem, solving the problem, and communicating results. Which two of the following are part of framing the problem stage? a. Determine the scope of the problem b. Data collection c. Review of previous findings d. Presenting a recommendation Ans- a, c [Show More]

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