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Servsafe Alcohol Practice Exam Q&A

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Which is an acceptable form of identification? Ans- Passport What feature is added to a minor ID in most states to indicate that it was issued to a person younger than 21? Ans- A vertical format O... ther than being intact and current, what other features must an ID have in order to be valid? Ans- Birth date, photo, and signature What feature is often added to IDs to keep them secure? Ans- Ultraviolet text and features What should you do if you have checked a guest's ID and are still not sure if she is old enough to drink? Ans- Ask for a second valid ID. What is the purpose of an ID reader? Ans- To display information from bar codes or magnetic stripes. A guest has a birthday of January 1, 1998. In what year do they turn 21? Ans- 2019 An ID with a raised photo is an example of Ans- an ID issued to someone under the age of 21. Which is true in relation to criminal and civil liability? Ans- Criminal liability is being held responsible for committing a crime, while civil liability is being responsible for payment of damages. Civil penalties may include which of the following? Ans- Payment of damages What do dram shop laws allow a person injured by an intoxicated guest to do? Ans- Sue the bartender who served the intoxicated guest, the business, and the business owner How old must a person be to purchase alcohol in most states? Ans- 21 years old It is against the law in most states to drive with what Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)? Ans- .08 or higher Which is true about liquor laws? Ans- Municipal liquor laws can be stricter than state liquor laws What is the best thing to do when liquor authorities enter your establishment? Ans- Notify your manager. What action should be taken if you see a guest pass a drink to an underage person? Ans- Stop service and remove the alcohol. Most of the alcohol that a person drinks is absorbed into the bloodstream from which organ? Ans- Small intestine The liver breaks down alcohol in the body at what rate? Ans- 1 drink per hour All other factors being the same, who's BAC would be highest after drinking a 12-ounce beer? Ans- Woman, aged 60 A guest arrived at a bar at 12:00 p.m. By 2:00 p.m., he had consumed 4 12-ounce beers. How many drinks remain in the guest's body at 2:00 p.m.? Ans- 2 Which will result in a reduction of alcohol in a person's bloodstream and help them [Show More]

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