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sMODULE 1 1. A is a military ceremony used to honor a visiting, high-ranking commander, official, or dignitary; present decorations and awards; recognize unit or individual achievements; or com... memorate events. Ceremonial presentation Formation Review Awards ceremony 3. After the organizational NCO Sword has been passed during a change of responsibility ceremony, what role does the outgoing commander/CSM assume? Honored guest Senior commander Host Commander Reviewing Officer 4. What command is given to terminate the Hand Salute upon completion of the National Anthem Arms Order, Arms Present, Arms Arms, Rest 5. This Enlisted Personnel Management System (EPMS) subsystem involves accessing, promoting, distributing, retaining, and transitioning Soldier Personnel Structure Strength management Career Development Evaluations 6. Which of the following should leaders do as part of their initial assessment? Review the organizations policies, status reports, and recent inspection results Meet with key people outside the organization Ask the outgoing leader for an assessment Ignore the opinions of junior members of the organization 7. Completing mandatory leader transition events and preparing for the change of responsibility ceremony occur during which transition phase? Phase II: First day Phase I: Preparation Phase V: Establishing routines Phase III: Initial assessment 8. Which of the following are traits of a warrior leader? Effectiveness in any environment Proficiency in all aspects of being a soldier Meets deadlines and suspenses Creativity and innovation Who is responsible for ensuring Soldiers are evaluated under the body fat standards prescribed in AR 600-9? The Surgeon General Commanders Deputy Chief of staff, G-4 Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1 How are circumference measurements taken for females? Series of one abdomen, one neck; repeat two more times Three neck, followed by three waist, then three hip Three abdomen, then three neck Series of one neck, one waist, one hip; repeat two more times 9. Which gender rules apply to taking a Soldier’s body fat percentage measurements? If a male must measure a female, another Soldier should be present If a male must measure a female, another female Soldier should be present If a female must measure a male, another female Soldier should be present An individual of the same gender should measure the Soldier 10. To lose one pound per week, how many calories do you need to subtract from your daily intake? 500 1,200 250 1,000 11. Who is responsible for the Army Body Composition Program Commanding General, U.S. Army Health Services Command Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1 Deputy Chief of Staff, G-4 The Surgeon General 12. Why are overweight Soldiers evaluated by health care personnel? Refusal to follow a dietary plan Request from the soldier Unsatisfactory weight control progress may result in separation Medical limitation Which of the following have exceptions for participation in the advance arrival sponsorship program? Soldiers completing advanced individual training Soldiers making permanent change of station moves to long-term schools Soldiers being reassigned within the continental U.S. Soldiers being reassigned outside the continental U.S. 13. The sponsor’s welcome letter is required to contain the following information: Sponsors cell phone number Sponsors home address and phone number Information on the duty or activity Sponsor’s work address and phone number Which of the following are tools used by the commands to monitor and evaluate the total army sponsorship program? Organizational inspection program sponsorship questions DA form 7274, sponsorship program survey Soldier readiness, mobilization, and deployment process survey Da form 5434, sponsorship program counseling and information sheet 14. When is the reactionary sponsor assigned? When the assigned sponsor is not performing his or her duties When the employee’s rank falls outside of sponsorship qualifications When the employee does not want a sponsor If the employee arrives at an installation without an assigned sponsor 15. Who is responsible for completing DA Form 5434, Sponsorship Program Counseling and Information Sheet? Army Community Service relocation readiness service Installation commander Departing Soldier Personnel reassignments work center 16. For military personnel, appointing a sponsor is a functional responsibility of the . Personnel advisory committee Sponsorship program branch Strength management branch Sponsorship advisory committee is the Army value that provides the moral compass for character and personal conduct for all members of the Army, requires you to demonstrate an understanding of what is right, and gives you the strength of will to live according to army values, especially in the face of personal danger. Honor Personal courage Duty Selfless service Before implementing the best ethical solution, you should ensure you have Developed acceptable possible courses of action Consulted with others who have made similar decisions Discussed your decision with your superiors Incorporated personal values in the decision-making process Torturing a prisoner might get them to reveal useful information that will save lives, but the law of war prohibits torture under any circumstances, this is an example of using which criterion of evaluating your course of action Rules Circumstances Gut check Effects When using the ethical problem resolution process, what should you do after defining the ethical problem? Develop acceptable possible courses of action Implement the best ethical solution Identify applicable laws, regulations and values Research what other have done in similar situations 17. is the Army value that requires you to bear true faith and allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, the Army, your unit and other Soldiers. Duty Honor Loyalty Respect 18. Ethical reasoning: Helps select the best course of action when there is no obvious best solution Is part of all decisionmaking Is used only when encountering ethical problems Is an exact science 19. is the Army Value that permits you to face fear, danger, or adversity Selfless service Personal courage Duty Honor 20. Which body of law codifies the ideal that soldiers, even during armed conflicts, must treat others with dignity and respect? U.S. Army enemy engagement Law of war Geneva convention Prisoner of war treatment 21. A rater is the: Immediate supervisor’s supervisor Senior enlisted person in the unit First officer in the chain of command Immediate supervisor of the rated soldier 22. Which leadership attribute is the essence of who you are? Character Presence Intellect Integrity 23. In which step of conducting counseling session is a method and pathway for achieving a desired result identified? Step 1: opening the session Step 2: discussing the issues Step 3: developing a plan of action Step 4: recording and closing the session 24. involves maintaining professional standards and effective capabilities for the future. Stewarding the profession Preparing self Creating positive environment Developing others 25. Which of these statements concerning military search authorizations are true? Search authorizations need to be in writing Search authorizations do not need to be under oath. Search authorizations apply differently to soldiers and civilians Search authorizations may be issued by a commander, magistrate, or judge 26. Probable cause to search requires: Verified information from a trusted individual A reasonable belief that criminal evidence is on the person to be searched Reliable information from the source A warrant 27. SGT Smith is being considered for administrative separation with honorable discharge after failing a urinalysis test for suspected illegal drug use. What type of test did he take? Fitness-for-duty Consent Inspection Probable cause 28. A minor offense is an offense in which the maximum imposable sentence would not include dishonorable discharge or confinement for longer than if tried by general court martial. Three months Two years One year Six months 29. The ensures that regional readiness commands have staffed the centralized family readiness office to meet assigned duties and responsibilities Headquarters, department of the army U.S. army community and family support center Chief, army reserve National guard bureau 30. What do family readiness groups provide to spouses and family members? A way to develop friendships and share moral support during unit deployments A better understanding of military life A sense of belonging to the unit and the army family An alternative to using the chain of command 31. Which curriculum level is designed for family members who have more experience with the army, goals of improving their leadership skills personally and professionally, and are willing to share life experiences with junior family members? Level III Level IV Level I Level II 32. Which of the following tasks are part of the rear detachment commander’s operations and training function? Maintain contact with families in the command. Conduct or coordinate mandatory training events with garrison/reserve component agencies. Ensure rear detachment personnel are trained and sensitive to family member calls. Coordinate and support training for family readiness group volunteers and families. 33. Which suicide prevention model barrier requires securing and protecting individuals before they can cause harm to themselves or someone else? Prevention Intervention Postvention Continuity of care 34. Who is responsible for developing lesson plans to provide the suicide prevention and awareness training to all ranks at the platoon and company level? Commander Unit ministry team Combat stress control team Mental health team 35. Which type of suicide sign is the most serious? Immediate action sign Suicide behavior sign Suicide warning sign Immediate danger sign What are the suicide prevention barriers that prevent a person from progressing down the suicidal path? Prevention Intervention Circumvention Postvention recognizes there are times when an individual should seek professional counselling to handle a particular crisis or treat a mental illness Intervention Prevention Postvention Continuity of care 36. Suicide generally relate to some type of loss, change, or problem. Risk factors Interventions Behaviors Reactions 37. Which mission command principle are you applying if you are acting without orders? Provide a clear commanders intent. Exercise disciplined initiative Use mission orders Create shared understanding 38. responsibility refers to collective organizational accountability and includes how well the unit performs its missions. Individual Command General Basic 39. The noncommissioned officer support channel is in nature. Directive Casual Informal Unofficial 40. Which mission command principle is based on successful shared experiences and training? Provide a clear commanders intent. Exercise disciplined initiative. Build cohesive teams through mutual trust. Create shared understanding. In which step of conducting the counseling session does the counselor establish an atmosphere of shared purpose Step 4 Step 1 opening the session Step 2 Step 3 Which counseling approach is preferred for most counseling sessions? Enhanced Directive Nondirective Combined A rated soldier will: Assess compliance with academic standards throughout the rating period Preform each assigned or implied duty to the best of his or her ability Participate in counseling within 60 days after the beginning of a new rating period Periodically evaluate their own performance When a person is apprehended in an automobile, which parts of the vehicvle may be searched? Console Under the seats Trunk Glove box The senior spouse leadership seminar is offered annually to spouses of soldiers attending which of the following courses Command and General Staff Officer College U.S. army War College Senior leader course Sergeants major academy The is the army’s lead agency for the establishment and execution of family assistance for total families at all levels of contingency and mobilization National Guard bureau US army reserve Headquarters, department of the army Assistant chief of staff for installation management Family readiness group membership is automatic for which individuals Soldier’s children Soldiers Soldier’s spouses Department of the army civilians if no position is available within the command for a soldier for whom skill qualification identifier M has been withdrawn, the soldier will be reported as Immediately available Ineligible Unavailable What is the purpose of the relief-in-place ceremony? [Show More]

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