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EMT FISDAP Midterm Exam Study Guide (Latest 2023 / 2024) 4- 20215326

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What do you do for labored, contstriction, or lack of tidal volume - -assist ventilations with BVM -What do you do for acid in eyes - -irrigate, if contacts take them out -Signs and Symptoms of ... tension pneumothorax - -progressive shortness of breath increased altered level of consciousness neck vein distention tracheal deviation -What organ could be affected by trauma to the upper right quadrant - -liver -flail chest is charcterized and defined by - -paradoxical motion 2 or more ribs broken in two or more places -subcutaneous emphysema what is it and how to treat - -A characteristic crackling sensation felt on palpation of the skin, caused by the presence of air in soft tissues. treat by positive pressure ventilations -Daughter is power of attourney and wants father to recieve care, father is AxO x4 and does not want care - -Respect patient wishes because he is concious without altered mental status -Open fracture and bleeding PPE - -gloves, mask, goggles -What EMS statistic is needed to reduce speed limit in given area - -Fatalities and injuries that have happened on that stretch of road -Triage color green - -ambulatory, -yellow - -delayed -red - -immediate -black - -dead/ expectant -you are treating a 300 pound male who cannot walk what should you do - -call for assistance -triage in the - -cold zone -Pedatric/ infant breath rate - -18-30 -Cardiac arrest in children is caused most likely by - -hypoxia, resp distress or failure -Croup is characterized by - -hoarseness, "barking" cough, inspiratory stridor and varying degrees of respiratory distress resulting from swelling in or obstruction in the region near the larynx. -Steps to treating bleeding - -first direct pressure then tourniquet is direct pressure does not stop the bleeding -Signs and symptoms of meningitis - -fever, rash, stiff neck, altered mental status specifcally in infants: Swelling of fontanelles -Apgar scale - -appearance, pulse, grimace, activity, respiration -when treating allergy primary concern is - -AIRWAY -when to start chest compression on newborn - -pluse under 60 -ruptured spleen in child - -bleeding and pain -right upper quadrant - -Liver, Right Kidney, Colon, Pancreas, Gallbladder -left upper quadrant - -liver, spleen, left kidney, stomach, colon, pancreas -left lower quadrant - -Part of descending colon Sigmoid colon Left ovary and tube Left ureter Left spermatic cord -right lower quadrant - -cecum, appendix, right ovary and tube, right ureter, right spermatic cord -Signs and symptoms of epiglottitis - -Sudden onset, high fever "Hot-potato" voice Dysphagia, drooling No cough Prefers to sit upright, lean forward (tripod position) Appears toxic and stridulous -when babies head appears out of vaginal canal check for - -nuhical cord -place baby where until umbillical cord is done pulsating - -at the height of the vaginal canal -transport pregnant women in what position and why - -left lateral recumbant to take pressure of the heart and vena cava -questions for pregnant mom - -how many weeks along are you how far apart are contractions -Signs of imminent delivery - -Crowning, Urge to bear down or go to the bathroom, "It's Coming", and Contractions of increased frequency & intensity. -preclampsia - -abnormal condition associated with pregnancy marked by high blood pressure proteinuria, and edema. -eclampsia - -true toxemia of pregnancy characterized by high blood pressure, albuminuria, edema of the legs and feet, severe headaches, dizziness, convulsions, and coma -ovarian cyst signs and symptoms - -lower pain on either side, nausea, bleeding, ask when last menstrutal cycle was -PID signs and symptoms - --onset is usually after menses -sudden pelvic pain, profuse vaginal exudate, fever, metrorrhagia, discharge -When to massage fundus - -stops bleeding and cramping after delivery -woman is bleeding after sexual assualt - -use pad or sterile gauze and put under her to collect the blood -breech birth - -Baby is delivered feet or buttocks first -when can you insert a gloved finger into the vaginal canal - -if umbillical cord is around the babies neck -perineum tearing - -tearing from vagina to anus after delivery -preciptitous delivery - -perineum tearing and emergency delivery -bleeding from shunt - -don't let this question confuse you hold pressure at place of bleeding [Show More]

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