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Pharmacology with questions and answers

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Chapter 01: Drug Action: Pharmaceutic, Pharmacokinetic, and Pharmacodynamic Phases Test Bank MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Which drugs will go through a pharmaceutic phase after it is administered? a. In... tramuscular cephalosporins b. Intravenous vasopressors c. Oral analgesics d. Subcutaneous antiglycemics ANS: C When drugs are administered parenterally, there is no pharmaceutic phase, which occurs when a drug becomes a solution that can cross the biologic membrane. 2. The nurse is preparing to administer an oral medication and wants to ensure a rapid drug action. Which form of the medication will the nurse administer? a. Capsule b. Enteric-coated pill c. Liquid suspension d. Tablet ANS: C Liquid drugs are already in solution, which is the form necessary for absorption in the GI tract. The other forms must disintegrate into small particles and then dissolve before being absorbed. [Show More]

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