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HSA 546 : MID TERM REVIEW PART 2 - latest 2019/20 complete answers (all correct) - Strayer University, Washington.

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HSA 546 MID TERM REVIEW PART 2 Question 1 Which of the following statements is true regarding the challenges rural areas face regarding natural or man-made disasters? Question 2 The overarch... ing goal of the __________ era, which began in 1949, was to protect civilian health in the event of an attack. Question 3 The National Bioterrorism Hospital Preparedness Program (NBHPP) is typically housed within: Question 4 A well-known phrase in the emergency response field is that: Question 5 In rural areas, many of the challenges of providing pre- and post-disaster care will be handled by: Question 6 Which of the following statements is true regarding primary care providers (PCPs) in a local disaster? Question 7 Which of the following is a factor that has led to the existence of physician practice management companies (PPMCs)? Selected Question 8 Under the ___________ physician reimbursement method, the economic cost of providing a service is the basis under which it is reimbursed. Question 9 Which of the following statements is true regarding solo physician practices? Question 10 In which form of physician practice do all the physicians practice within the same field of medicine? Question 11 In which physician practice management company (PPMC) model does the PPMC purchase the assets of the physician practice and manage the nonclinical activities of the practice? Question 12 In which type of health maintenance organization (HMO) do large panels of physicians contract with the HMO to provide health services within a defined geographic area? Question 13 A determination must be made of the status of each job under the __________ for designating whether the job is eligible for overtime pay (nonexempt) or can be exempted from the act and not paid overtime (exempt). Question 14 The goal of a well-defined __________ is to ensure that the practice retains employees that it needs by remaining competitive with the market and by maintaining internal equity among employees with similar positions within the practice. Question 15 __________ often are used for recruiting for higher-level positions because in many cases the best candidates are not really looking for a job change. Question 16 Job title, statement of duties, reporting relationship, key responsibilities/functions, and educational/experience requirements are all components of the: Question 17 Once a union is recognized, a __________ is negotiated between the union and the employer that covers employment conditions such as wages, benefits, and working conditions, as well as a formal grievance procedure. Question 18 The staffing of the human resources function for organizations is determined based on: Question 19 One of the most significant questions now being asked about healthcare quality as it concerns choices made by physicians in their care of patients is: Question 20 Which of the following is a common result of two hospitals merging? Question 21 Historically, the marketing efforts of healthcare providers and health insurers have appeared to focus more on: Question 22 Healthcare marketing efforts historically attempted to increase volume and usage. How did the introduction of managed care and capitation modify the objectives of most healthcare providers? Question 23 Which of the following is a reason why many consumers do not use available information to aid them in choosing an insurance plan or healthcare provider? Question 24 Which approach to analyzing the organization’s competitive position involves benchmarking, a process of regularly comparing the organization’s performance on key performance attributes and benefits desired by the customer against the “best in class”? Question 25 The reclassification of certain drugs that were previously prescription drugs to over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, and the decreasing influence of physicians over which drugs may be prescribed for a patient have resulted in: [Show More]

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