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[eBook] [PDF] Nursing Informatics, A Health Informatics, Interprofessional and Global Perspective, 5th Edition By Ursula Hübner, Gabriela Wilson, Toria Shaw

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This new edition of the classic textbook on health informatics provides readers in healthcare practice and educational settings with an unparalleled depth of information on using informatics methods a... nd tools. However, this new text speaks to nurses and ― in a departure from earlier editions of this title ― to all health professionals in direct patient care, regardless of their specialty, extending its usefulness as a textbook. This includes physicians, therapists, pharmacists, dieticians and many others. In recognition of the evolving digital environments in all healthcare settings and of interprofessional teams, the book is designed for a wide spectrum of healthcare professions including quality officers, health information managers, administrators and executives, as well as health information technology professionals such as engineers and computer scientists in health care. The book is of special interest to those who bridge the technical and caring domain, particularly nurse and medical informaticians and other informaticians working in the health sciences. Nursing Informatics: An Interprofessional and Global Perspective contains real-life case studies and other didactic features to illustrate the theories and principles discussed, making it an ideal resource for use within health and nursing informatics curricula at both undergraduate and graduate level, as well as for workforce development. It honors the format established by the previous editions by including a content array and questions to guide the reader. Readers are invited to look out of the box through a dedicated global perspective covering health informatics applications in different regions, countries and continents [Show More]

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