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Pro Tools 101 Certification Study Guide

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Pro Tools 101 Certification Study Guide What is the new session file format? Can PT10 sessions be opened directly in earlier versions of the software? - ✔✔.ptx PT10 sessions cannot be opened di... rectly in older versions What is the highest sample rate and bit depth ProTools in general can operate with? - ✔✔32 bit floating point bit rate 192kHz sample rate How many MIDI tracks can you have? - ✔✔512 MIDI Tracks How many Internal busses? - ✔✔256 Internal busses As far as Notation is concerned, what does the Score Editor Window do? - ✔✔View,edit,arrange and print MIDI data from your session as musical notation. Which types of video files can you import? - ✔✔Quicktime,Avid Video files or VC-1AP (Win) What is A.I.R.? What types of Plug-ins do they make? Name some of them. - ✔✔Avid's Advanced Instrument Research. Hybrid,Strike,Velvet,Structure and Transfuser plug-ins What is the range of human hearing? Frequency is referred to as the _____ of the sound. - ✔✔Pitch What is another term for Hz? - ✔✔Cycles Per Second(CPS) What is the Nyquist Theorem? - ✔✔to produce and accurate representation of a given frequency of sound, each cycle of the sounds vibration must be sampled a minimum of two times. How much dynamic range does 24bit Audio contain? - ✔✔144 dB How much dynamic range does 16bit Audio contain? - ✔✔96 dB How many dB's of dynamic range per bit? - ✔✔6 dB What is an A/D converter? - ✔✔Analog to Digital Converter What is a D/A converter? - ✔✔Digital to Analog Converter What are the two types of digital connections used for transfers? - ✔✔SPIDIF and AES/EBU What does DSP stand for? - ✔✔Digital Signal Processing Which types of interfaces are compatible with ProTools? - ✔✔Digi 002 or 003 family, Eleven Rack Interface, Pro Tools Mbox 2 family, M Audio hardware Which types of interfaces are compatible with ProTools Core Audio/ASIO? - ✔✔any 3rd party interface with supported Core Audio(Mac)or ASIO (Win) Which types of interfaces are compatible with ProTools HD? - ✔✔Pro Tools HD series interfaces(Omni,Madi,I/O) combined with one or HD series PCI/PCIe cards. Name 3 ProTools system configurations? - ✔✔Pro Tools, Pro Tools HD, Pro Tools Core Audio/ASIO What are the types of ProTools Software? - ✔✔Standard,HD,Complete Production 2 Toolkit What are the basic specifications of ProTools? How many tracks does it come with? - ✔✔Sample rates up to 192 kHz,bit depths up to 32 bit Floating Point, 96 simultaneous mono or stereo audio tracks up to 128 voice able tracks) 512 simultaneous MIDI tracks. What is the ProTools Creative Collection? - ✔✔Native instrument and effects plug ins that come with all Pro Tools Systems.20 AIR effects plug ins and 6 AIR virtual instruments What does the Complete Production 2 Toolkit offer? - ✔✔full surround mixing, Quick Punch,Track Punch and Destructive Punch support; 512 Aux Input Tracks, 128 Instrument Tracks,VCA tracks, advanced automation features, advanced video features. What are the folders and files that PT creates as part of the session hierarchy? - ✔✔Session Folders What is the WaveCache.wfm file used for? - ✔✔file stores all the waveform display data for any audio in the session Where are PT MIDI files normally stored? - ✔✔within the Pro Tools Session. Export>Midi to bring outside the session What is the correct sequence for powering up your hardware? - ✔✔1.All equipment powered down 2.Power external hard drives that use external power. 3.Turn on MIDI interfaces and MIDI devices. 4. Turn on audio interface 5. Start your computer 6.Turn on monitoring system. What does an ILOK do? - ✔✔stores licenses for protected software. What does RTAS stand for? - ✔✔Real Time Audio Suite What does host based processing mean? - ✔✔Pro Tools utilizing the computer processing capacity Where can I adjust my RTAS plug-in processing performance? - ✔✔Hardware buffer in setup menu What is the difference between the View and Windows menus? - ✔✔View controls how windows are displayed. Windows controls what windows are displayed What are the different types of ruler views? - ✔✔Time based Rulers and Conductor Rulers Where can you access the different types of ruler views? - ✔✔View>Rulers Ruler View selector(located at top left of Rulers) Which types of rulers are time-based? Conductor rulers? - ✔✔Time Based: Bars/Beats, Min:Sec,Samples,Time Code,TimeCode 2, Feet +Frames Conductor Rulers: Markers, Tempo, Meter, Key,Chords What are the two ways to rearrange items in the toolbar? - ✔✔- click and drag sections to desired place or -use the Edit Window Toobar menu located at upper right corner of the window How do you acquire a full track view that fills the edit window with the longest track in the session? - ✔✔Double click the Zoomer Tool Icon What does Shuffle Mode do? - ✔✔Snaps moved clips to next or previous clip. When deleting material other clips will move to fill the gap, or when adding make perfect space for new clip. No overlapping What does Slip Mode do? - ✔✔move, trim, cut or paste clips without other tracks being affected. Overlapping works.No restrictions for time placement. What does Spot Mode do? - ✔✔move or place clips precisely by entering time values in the dialog box, opens when working with clips and Spot mode is activated.Operation do not affect other clips. Parameters are Start End Duration What does Grid Mode do? - ✔✔clips and MIDI notes that are moved, trimmed or inserted snap to nearest time increment according to specified Time scale and Grid size. What does Snap to grid allow you to do? - ✔✔allows you to make selections based on the Grid while editing in Shuffle,Slip or Spot mode [Show More]

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