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Test Bank For Biology Exploring the Diversity of Life, 4th Canadian Edition By Peter Russell, Paul Hertz, Beverly McMillan, et al

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Biology: Exploring the Diversity of Life is uniquely designed for today’s Canadian biology student. The intention of this introductory biology text is to capture students’ imaginations and evoke a... sense of curiosity about the vast world of biology. To facilitate immediately immersing students in biology, the text puts the review of chemistry and biochemistry in a distinct section called the Purple Pages, to be easily referenced when needed. The authors have taken great care to encourage critical thinking and learning with engaging visuals and by integrating the material across the book’s chapters. With a focus on the Canadian biology student, the text approaches the material with a readable style that instills a sense of wonder by using examples from across the spectrum of biodiversity, showcasing Canadian research and innovation, and highlighting an array of career options that stem from biology. The text engages students in the science and future of biological science with effective pedagogy, streamlined content, a comprehensive MindTap, and a focus on research and experimentation that creates a complete biology learning solution. [Show More]

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