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Test Bank for The Pharmacy Technician Foundations and Practice 2nd Edition by Johnston

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The Pharmacy Technician: Foundations & Practices (Johnston) 1) Which of the following is a collection of 800 prescriptions, specifically mentioning 700 unique drugs, and is the most important pharm... aceutical document known from ancient Egypt? A) Terra Sigilata B) Pen T-Sao C) Papyrus Ebers D) Charaka Samhita 2) The earliest known record of apothecary practice comes from which ancient civilization? A) China B) Egypt C) Tenochtitlán D) Babylon 3) Which ancient emperor, still revered as the patron god of native Chinese drug guilds, wrote the Pen T-Sao? A) Mao Zedung B) Sun Yat Sen C) Jiang Zemin D) Shen Nung 4) The Pen T-Sao included: A) Instructions for compounding remedies. B) Recordings of 365 different herbs. C) A universal antidote for poisons. D) A listing of 700 unique drugs. 5) Which of the following translates as “compendium of wandering physicians”? A) Papyrus Ebers B) Pen T-Sao C) Charaka Samhita D) Corpus Hippocraticum [Show More]

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