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CMC 100 Module 1 Process Contract 32 Questions with Verified Answers,100% CORRECT

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CMC 100 Module 1 Process Contract 32 Questions with Verified Answers What type of contract has a price that is not subject to any adjustment regardless of the contractor's cost experience in perfor... ming the contract? - CORRECT ANSWER FFP Firm Fixed Price What type of contract has an upward and downward revision of the stated contract price upon the occurrence of specified contingencies? - CORRECT ANSWER FPEPA Fixed Price What type of contract provides for adjusting profit and establishing the final contract price by a formula based on the relationship of final negotiated total cost to total target cost? - CORRECT ANSWER FPIF Fixed Price Incentive Firm Target What is a contract with a firm fixed price for an initial period of contract deliveries or performance and possible re-determination of the price for subsequent periods of performance? - CORRECT ANSWER FP3R Fixed Price Prospective Price Re-determination Example: prototype development of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)? - CORRECT ANSWER OT's for prototype Example: Concept development for detection systems for biological and chemical countermeasures? - CORRECT ANSWER OT's for research Example: production of a major system based on a prototype? - CORRECT ANSWER FPIF Fixed Price Incentive Firm Target Example: long-term production of spare parts for a major system? - CORRECT ANSWER FP3R Fixed Price Prospective Price Re-determination Example: CDC funding and management of public health programs? - CORRECT ANSWER Cooperative Agreements Example: emergency repairs to heating plants with government furnished materials? - CORRECT ANSWER Labor-Hour contract What is used to provide aid or create something of value for a public purpose? - CORRECT ANSWER Nonprocurement Instrument (NPI) Which contract type is considered an other type of contract? - CORRECT ANSWER Time & Materials What acquisition regulation requires DoD activities to delegate contract administration services? - CORRECT ANSWER DFARS 242.202 What DCMA eTool is used to assist contracting officers in selecting the appropriate DCMA Contract Management Office and payment office for contract administration delegation? - CORRECT ANSWER Contract Administration Services Directory What reference requires a Contract Deficiency Report (CDR) be submitted in the event of an erroneously delegated contract? - CORRECT ANSWER DCMA-INST 118 Contract Receipt & Review Who creates the CDR based on errors found within a contract? This person is also responsible for closing the CDR. - CORRECT ANSWER Initiator Who validates and approves CDRs that are created? - CORRECT ANSWER Reviewing Official (aka ACO) Who accepts a CDR and is responsible for resolving the deficiencies? - CORRECT ANSWER Assignee What is the immediate or short term purpose of a Contract Deficiency Reports (CDR)? - CORRECT ANSWER To report and resolve identified contract deficiencies. Who is responsible for approving CDRs that are created for a particular C/S/A? - CORRECT ANSWER Reviewing Official Who is responsible for resolving or delegating CDRs within an office? - CORRECT ANSWER Primary CDR POC What options may be used to find an ACO? - CORRECT ANSWER search by DoDAAC, search by command / service / agency CSA / search by name / find in DCMA What are the CDR process steps in preferred order? - CORRECT ANSWER launch CDR application, identify the contract, select an assignee, enter vendor info, select a reviewing official, describe the deficiencies What are the sections of the CDR? - CORRECT ANSWER contract, assignee, payment office, contractor, contract deficiency Who can add comments to the CDR and where is it located? - CORRECT ANSWER Only CDR participants and their backups can enter comments on the view screen; not the history screen. What are the ways to report a contract deficiency? - CORRECT ANSWER DD1716, CDR, Auto- CDRs When selecting the reviewing official, where does EDA pull the list of valid users? - CORRECT ANSWER initiator's CSA What deficiency can be corrected by contract reassignment? - CORRECT ANSWER incorrect payment office What must be verified to determine contract acceptability? - CORRECT ANSWER CMO address What categories of contracts are exceptions to geographic assignment for contract administration? - CORRECT ANSWER flight training, NSA, base, post camp purchases When does EDA stop the days aged clock for a CDR? - CORRECT ANSWER when a CDR is closed What component of a CDR contains the ACO and PCO modification numbers - CORRECT ANSWER contract section [Show More]

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