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AHA Pediatric Advanced Life Support Exam || PALS Exam (Answered) 2024

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A 6 month old infant is unresponsive. You begin checking for breathing at the same time you check for the infant's pulse. Which is the max time you should spend when trying to simultaneously check for... breathing and palpate the infant's pulse before starting CPR? - 10 secs A 4 yr old child is brought to the emergency department for seizures. The seizures stopped a few minutes ago, but the child continues to have slow and irregular respirations. Which condition is consistent with your assessment? - Disordered control of breathing An 8 yr old is brought to the emergency department with a 2 day hx of lethargy and polyuria. The child has new-onset rapid, deep and labored breathing. Which diagnostic test should you order first? - Blood glucose [Show More]

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