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WGU C963 OA (Latest 2023 - 2024) With 100% Verified Answers

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1. Powers under the Articles of Confederation Answer: 1. Could exchange Ambas-sadors 2. Make treaties with foreign governments and Indian Tribes 3. Declare War 4. Borrow Money 5. Settle disputes... among States 2. Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation Answer: no power to tax, President lacked power, no money to buy ships no money pay soldiersno national judiciary 3. New Jersey Plan Answer: William Paterson Three Branches of Government The states had the powerEvery state had one vote one chamber legislature, unicameralSupremacy clause "Law of the Land" 4. Virginia Plan Answer: James MadisonThree Branches of government Two-chamber in a legislative Bicameral legislature: House: elected by the people Senate: appointed by the legislature Votes based on population Could tax, regulate trade, veto down state laws, create an army 5. The Great Compromises Answer: 1. combined the two ideas from the Virginia Plan andthe New Jersey plan. 2.The 3/5 slavery ruling 3. Slave owners could reclaim their slaves in states where they had fled. 4. Slaves could only be freed if they were born in the US and was over the age of28 [Show More]

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