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PECT PreK-4 Practice Test Module 3 - Complete Solutions (Verified) Use of a circle graph is best when used to answer a question about what concept? a. What is the difference between the minimum and ... maximum value? b. Is there a change over time? c. What is the relationship between two variables? d. How do all the parts related to the whole? A kindergarten teacher wants to develop the concept of set and which items belong in a set. What would be an appropriate activity for her to do? a. Have students use as many words as they can think of to describe a tree and a set of playground equipment b. Look at two objects and tell how they are similar and different c. Give students a set of pattern blocks and have the students sort the blocks into categories they see fit d. Give students sticks of differing lengths and have them put them in order from smallest to biggest A teacher has students cut a square or rectangle from a piece of paper. She then has students draw a line connecting opposing corners. The class discusses their findings. What is she trying to teach the students about? a. Similarity b. Right triangles c. Parallel lines d. Slope Second graders are working with groups of blocks. The students find that with some groups of blocks, they can make two vertical stacks exactly the same height. With other groups of blocks, there is one block left over. What concept could be introduced? a. Even and odd numbers b. Common numbers c. Inverse operations d. None of the above A student is having trouble with single by double digit addition. Which assessment could best pinpoint the problem? a. Criterion referenced assessment b. Norm referenced assessment c. Performance assessment d. Error analysis A kindergarten student is completing a triangle, circle, triangle, circle pattern at a math center. This practice is setting the stage for which mathematical concept? a. Algebra b. Geometry c. Measurement d. Probability A kindergarten teacher shows the class a picture of two buildings and asks the questions: "Which building has more windows? Which building has fewer cars outside?" What mathematical skill is the teacher reinforcing? a. Ordering numbers b. Identifying patterns in the real world c. Drawing conclusions from observational data d. None of the above Which skill must a student have before they are able to add the numbers 1-5? a. Counting forward from 1-10 b. Counting backwards from 10 c. Recognizing written numerals d. Writing numbers 1-10 A student is doing math problems that require adding two digit and one digit numbers and subtracting one digit numbers from two digit numbers. The student gets all the problems correct except for two subtraction problems. How should the teacher correct the student's problem? a. Review place value with the student b. Use manipulatives c. Teach the student how to check subtraction through addition d. None of the above How would you foster an awareness of the seasons and weather changes in a kindergarten student? a. Have students chart the daily temperature and precipitation using information from a local newspaper b. Sort clothes, tools, and toys according the their appropriate season c. Use a flashlight and a beach ball to explain how the earth's orbit affects the seasons d. Explore the weather of different countries A kindergarten teacher wants to develop observational skills in her students. What would be an appropriate activity to use? a. Describe the birds they see around the school using a list of terms provided by the teacher b. Sort objects by common characteristics c. Look at the different parts of a flower using a magnifying glass d. None of the above What activity would help show fourth grade students that white light is made up of different wavelengths of light? a. Make a simple kaleidoscope out of cardboard tubes and wax paper b. In a dark room, shine a white light into a prism and observe the different colors that come out c. Use only blue and yellow light to grow plants in the classroom d. None of the above A kindergarten teacher sets up a center with ramps of different heights, trucks, and balls. Interacting with these materials could introduce which concept to students? a. Gravitational acceleration b. Friction c. Inertia d. Gravity A fourth grade science teacher is doing a unit on the solar system. She uses a poster to show the solar system and wants to illustrate the great distance between planets. What would be an appropriate activity? a. Adjusting a recipe for making different amounts of cookies b. Making a proportional map of the classroom c. Comparing the surface area and volume of different boxes d. None of the above A group of second graders is posing theories on how clouds are formed. One student proposes the idea that clouds are made of snow and when the snow melts, it rains. Many students agree with this idea. How can you correct this thinking? a. Show students the difference between summer and winter clouds b. Explain that when people are in planes, they see white fluffy clouds c. Make a cloud by heating water in a plastic bottle d. Asking students in what part of the water cycle is snow evaporated A third grade teacher is introducing a unit on weather and the water cycle. What would be an appropriate introductory activity? [Show More]

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