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Human Biology - Unit 5 Milestone | {30 out of 30} | Already Graded A+. EXAM 3

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Which type of pancreatic cells help to lower blood sugar? CONCEPT Pancreatic Hormones 2 After fertilization, the newly formed zygote begins to divide into multiple cells through a process ca... lled . CONCEPT Fertilization and Early Development 3 Which step(s) of urine formation is important to maintain the body's acid-base balance? CONCEPT Urine Formation 4 Which of the following statements about aging is true? CONCEPT Effects of Aging on Your Body 5 Which layer of the digestive tract contains blood vessels and nerve cells? CTOhis sNtudy CsourEce wPas Tdownloaded by 100000816649994 from on 04-18-2021 14:50:39 GMT -05:00 The Alimentary Canal Which segment of the small intestine connects to the large intestine? CONCEPT Small Intestine 7 Select the correct route of sperm once they are produced. CONCEPT Male Reproductive System 8 An individual's blood volume and blood pressure decrease. Which of the following will be the body's response to maintain homeostasis and increase the blood volume and blood pressure? CONCEPT Fluid Balance and Blood Pressure 9 Which type of digestion occurs in the stomach? CONCEPT Stomach 10 Which of these can be concluded from an 8-week-old embryo? CONCEPT Embryonic and Fetal Development Which of the following best describes blood pH when homeostasis is maintained? CONCEPT Blood pH 12 Which part of the large intestine absorbs water? CONCEPT Large Intestine 13 Which of the following is most likely the cause of Graves' disease? CONCEPT Thyroid and Parathyroid 14 In which stage of labor is the placenta expelled from the uterus? CONCEPT Labor and Birth 15 Which organ processes and stores nutrients from the digestive system? CONCEPT Pancreas, Gallbladder, & Liver Where does digestion begin? CONCEPT Digestion 17 Which of the following statements about steroid hormones is true? CONCEPT Steroid and Non-Steroid Hormones 18 The developing child is surrounded by a fluid filled sac called the . CONCEPT Placenta 19 Which organ of the endocrine system is part of the brain? CONCEPT Organs of the Endocrine System 20 Which part of the kidney does the actual filtering of the blood? CONCEPT Kidneys Which type of cells are responsible for the growth of facial hair and the deepening of the voice in males during puberty? CONCEPT Sperm Formation 22 Which of the following is an agent of chemical digestion in the mouth? CONCEPT Chewing and Swallowing 23 What is the outer part of the adrenal gland called? CONCEPT Adrenal Glands 24 What is produced by the ovaries? CONCEPT Female Reproductive System 25 Before an oocyte leaves the ovary, it is surrounded by nourishing cells and is called what? CTOhis sNtudy CsourEce wPas Tdownloaded by 100000816649994 from on 04-18-2021 14:50:39 GMT -05:00 Ovarian Cycle and Menstrual Cycle 26 Which of the following statements is true? CONCEPT Endocrine System This study source was downloaded by 100000816649994 from on 04-18-2021 14:50:39 GMT -05:00 [Show More]

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