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Brunner and Suddarth’s Textbook of Medical-Surgical Nursing Hinkle 14th Edition Test Bank

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1. The public health nurse is presenting a health promotion class to a group of new mothers. How shouldithe nurse best define health? A) Health is being disease free. B) Health is having fulfillme... nt in all domains of life. C) Health is having psychological and physiological harmony. D) Health is being connected in body, mind, and spirit. Ans: D Feedback: The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health in the preamble to its constitution as a state oficomplete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absenceof disease and infirmity. iThe other answersare incorrect because they are not congruent with the WHO definition of health. 2. Anurse is speaking to a group of prospective nursing students about what it is like to be a nurse. What isione characteristic the nurse would cite as necessary to possess to be an effective nurse? A) Sensitivity to cultural differences B) Team-focused approach to problem-solving C) Strict adherence to routine D) Ability to face criticism Ans: A Feedback: To promote an effective nurse-patient relationship and positive outcomes of care, nursing care must beiculturally competent, appropriate, and sensitive to cultural differences. Team-focused nursing and strictiadherence to routine are not characteristics needed to be an effective nurse. The ability to handleicriticism is important, but to a lesser degree than cultural competence. 3. With increases in longevity, people have had to become more knowledgeable about their health and theiprofessional health care that they receive. One outcome of this phenomenon is the development of iorganizedself-care education programs. Which of the following do these programs prioritize? A) Adequate prenatalcare B) Government advocacy and lobbying C) Judicious use of online communities D) Management of illness Ans: D Feedback: Organizedself-care education programs emphasize health promotion, disease prevention, managementiof illness, self-care, and judicious use of the professional health care system. Prenatal care, lobbying, and iInternet activities are secondary. 4. The home health nurse is assisting a patient and his family in planning the patientsreturn to work afterisurgery and the development of postsurgical complications. The nurse is preparing a plan of care thatiaddresses the patients multifaceted needs. To which level of Maslows hierarchy of basic needs does theipatients need for self-fulfillment relate? A) Physiologic B) Transcendence C) Love and belonging D) Self-actualization Ans: D Feedback: Maslows highest level of human needs is self-actualization, which includes self-fulfillment, desire toiknowand understand, and aesthetic needs. The other answersare incorrect because self-fulfillment doesinot relate directly to them. 5. The view that health and illness are not static states but that they exist on a continuum is central toiprofessional health care systems. When planning care, this view aids the nurse in appreciating which ofithe following? A) Careshould focus primarily on the treatment of disease. B) A persons state of health is ever-changing. C) A person can transition from health to illness rapidly. D) Careshould focus on the patients compliance with interventions. Ans: B Feedback: By viewinghealth and illness on a continuum, it is possible to consider a person as being neithericompletely healthy nor completely ill. Instead, a persons state of health is ever-changing and has theipotential to range from high-level wellness to extremely poor health and imminent death. The otherianswers are incorrect becausepatient care should not focus just on the treatment of disease.Rapidideclines in health and compliance with treatment are not key to this view of health. 6. A group of nursing students are participating in a community health clinic. When providing care in thisicontext, what should the students teach participants about disease prevention? iA) It is best achieved through attending self-help groups. B) It is best achieved by reducing psychological stress. [Show More]

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