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Community Health Exit HESI. Contains most frequently tested Questions & Answers. Community Health Exit HESI 1. A nurse is providing a staff development program on HIPPA regulations to the ... staff at a community health clinic. Which of the following comments by one of the attendees would indicate a need for further teaching? - “Demographic data that identify a client can be released without consent” 2. A nurse administers a tuberculin skin test to a client who is HIV positive. Which of the following indicates a positive reaction to the test? - Induration at infection site of 8 mm 3. After presenting several teaching sessions to a group of high school students about the harmful effects of tobacco use, a nurse valuates the teaching to be effective when a student states which of the following? - “As long as I stop smoking while I am young, none of those diseases will affect me” 4. A home health nurse is educating a client diagnosed with COPD about home oxygen use. Which of the following statements by the client indicates a need for additional teaching? - “I should use wool blankets on my bed when oxygen in use” 5. A nurse is providing teaching to the wife of a client who has had a stroke regarding health-related services that will be provided in the home. Which of the following statements by the wife indicates that the teaching has been effective? - “The physical therapist will teach my husband exercises to increase hand dexterity” [Show More]

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