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AS Level Chemistry A H032/01 Breadth in chemistry 2020

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AS Level Chemistry A H032/01 Breadth in chemistry Sample Question Paper Date – Morning/Afternoon Version 2.1 Time allowed: 1 hour 30 minutes You must have: • the Data Sheet for Chemistry A ... You may use: • a scientific or graphical calculator * 0 0 0 0 0 0 * First name Last name Centre number Candidate number INSTRUCTIONS • Use black ink. You may use an HB pencil for graphs and diagrams. • Complete the boxes above with your name, centre number and candidate number. • Answer all the questions. • Where appropriate, your answers should be supported with working. Marks may be given for a correct method even if the answer is incorrect. • Write your answer to each question in the space provided. • Additional paper may be used if required but you must clearly show your candidate number, centre number and question number(s). • Do not write in the bar codes. INFORMATION • The total mark for this paper is 70. • The marks for each question are shown in brackets [ ]. • This document consists of 28 pages.2 © OCR 2021 H032/01 SECTION A You should spend a maximum of 25 minutes on this section. Answer all the questions [Show More]

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