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Case Study 76 Systemic Lupus Erythematosus | Case Study 76 SLE

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Case Study 76 Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Name: HACC 1. What is the relevance of this information to her disease? 2. What is the significance of the patient’s family history? 3. Is this patient und... erweight, overweight, obese, or is this patient’s weight considered healthy and normal? 4. Explain the pathophysiology that underlies hair loss in this patient and the relevance of the abnormal ESR. 5. What might have caused the lack of energy in this patient, and what type of tests might be ordered to support this conclusion? 6. Why is Prednisone effective in relieving vasculitis? 7. What can be said about the patient’s Hct, RBC count, WBC count, and Plt count? 8. What is most likely the cause of jaundice in this patient? 9. It is appropriate for her PCP to inform her that the arthritis of lupus, which is a likely possibility, is relatively benign, unlike rheumatoid arthritis, which destroys cartilage in the joints and causes deformities. 10. Why might the PCP be concerned about the possibility for pneumonia? 11. What is the pathophysiology that underlies lymph node enlargement in this patient? 12. Which of the three blood test results directly above would be of most concern? Give a likely cause for the abnormality. 13. The patient’s WBC differential was: 75% neutrophils, 15% lymphocytes, 5% monocytes/macrophages, 4% eosinophils, and 1% basophils. Which one of these 5 white blood cell types has been specifically targeted by the patient’s immune system? 14. What is the association between the abnormal blood test results, abnormal lung sounds, and productive cough? 15. Give a reasonable explanation for the cause of tachycardia and elevated blood pressure in this patient. 16. What is the likely cause of the abnormal blood test results now? 17. Explain the pathophysiology of swelling throughout the body. 18. Suggest one reasonable explanation for an association between systemic swelling and anorexia/weight loss in this patient. 19. [Show More]

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