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NR 603 Week 3 Case Discussion; Cardiovascular

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NR 603 Week 3 Case Discussion; Cardiovascular What leads demonstrate the ST depression? Is Lorene Hypertensive per ACA 2017 Guidelines? Compare the ACA guidelines to JNC 8 Guidelines and discuss wha t... treatment you recommend for her BP and why? What is the primary diagnosis causing Lorene’s chest pain? Include ICD 10 codes (no differentials) What other secondary diagnoses does Lorene have that should be addressed? Design a treatment plan and discuss how each intervention is applicable to Lorene’s case. Consider the following interventions. Labs Durable Medical Equipment Diagnostic tests- discuss the goal/purpose Any consultation with outside providers/services Medications- discuss why you chose each medication Referrals- who and why Follow-up- why and when Education- specific and measurable Lifestyle changes- specific to her cultural preferences [Show More]

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