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CONTROL SYSTEM [LAB] Open-Loop and Closed-Loop Speed Control of a DC Motor

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Title: Open-Loop and Closed-Loop Speed Control of a DC Motor. Abstract: In this experiment, the differences between open loop control system and closed loop control system are introduced. Basic con... struction and working principles of closed loop control system and operation of Error Detector are also described throughout the experiment. Finally, the comparison between the characteristics of a dc motor using closed-loop versus open-loop speed control is analyzed. Introduction: The main objective of this experiment was to compare the Characteristics of a closed loop dc motor with an open loop dc motor. In doing so, followings were performed: i. To design the circuit with relevant parameters and sources. ii. To setup the circuits with appropriate connections, and sources and instruments. iii. To compare the measured value with the theoretical estimated value. iv. To understand the principle of various parts of experimental setup such as error detector, amplifier etc. The goal of this experiment is to learn the close loop components of the whole system. The different features of the speed control were observed. The effect of load on both open loop speed control and closed loop speed control were inspected. Theory and Methodology: Error Detector: A device that is able to add and subtract signals and give a resulting output signal is called an error detector. The error detector in servomechanism trainer has four terminals and one (unseen) ground terminal. The ground is common to all four terminals. Consequently, all signals are measured between the respective terminals and ground [Show More]

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