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156237 Marketing Communications and Advertising Assignment One: Essay

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Details: • Due Date: 8 August, 11:55pm (week 4) • Word Limit: 1200-1700 Words • Format: Individual written assignment Overall Essay Question: How useful is the Elaboration Likelihood Model (... ELM) for understanding advertising effectiveness in terms of changing attitudes towards brand/s in today’s digital world? Essay Task: Nike has recently launched its “Play New” campaign that is encouraging people to discover sports and for those that “suck at sports” (i.e. are not good at sports) to give it a try. The essay task is to examine the usefulness of the ELM model by analysing the potential effectiveness of Nike’s new campaign in a) encouraging people who “suck at sports” to try (i.e. change their attitudes towards sport), and b) creating positive attitudes towards Nike. Resources: Article – Nike Launches “Play New” Campaign Article – Nike’s latest campaign ‘play new’ encourages those who suck at sports YouTube Short Film: Key Academic References (You MUST use these two references in your essay): Chitty, W., Luck, E., Barker, N., Sassenberg, A-M., Shimp, T. A. & Andrews, J. C (2018), Integrated Marketing Communications. 5th Asia-Pacific Edition, Cengage Learning, Australia. Chapter 3. Kitchen, P.J., Kerr, G., Schultz, D.E., McColl, R., and Pals, H. (2014). The elaboration likelihood model: Review, critique and research agenda. European Journal of Marketing, 48 (11-12), 2033 - 2050 2 In addition to these references, you must also seek out at least two more academic journal articles to support your essay. In week 2, we will take some time to discuss the key components of the ELM theory. Try to read the references listed above before coming to class. Don’t worry about understanding all parts of the ELM model – rather focus on the main components of the theory. Reason for this Topic As much of marketing communication is related to attitudes and attitude change, it is essential that you have some understanding of the ELM model and can see how marketers use different approaches to try to modify consumers’ attitudes. Getting Help Please contact me via email for further clarification or see me in my office hours. Grading Template: Criteria Value Analysis, Content, Structure Identifies important and relevant dimensions of the topic; Develops a logical, clear and consistent conceptual structure; Focuses on the issues of greatest relevance; Develops ideas in sufficient depth; Provides an informed and convincing discussion/argument; Supports the discussion with sufficient, relevant and quality literature; Answers the essay question. 70 Referencing Sources and uses sufficient, relevant and good-quality materials; Correct referencing style and formatting (APA) for in-text citations and reference list. 15 Presentation Correct essay format (introduction, body, conclusion; correct sentence construction and appropriate use of paragraphs, 1.5 line spacing); Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation; Uses clear and appropriate language and tone; Clear, concise and professional writing style and presentation; Shows innovative approaches and creativity; Appropriate length. 15 Total 10 [Show More]

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