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Applied Pathophysiology_A Conceptual Approach 4th, North_American_Edition by Judi Nath & Carie Braun. (Complete Chapter 1-18). TEST BANK

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Applied Pathophysiology: A Conceptual Approach 4th, North American Edition by Judi Nath & Carie Braun. ISBN-10 1975179196, ISBN-13 978-1975179199. Complete Chapter 1-18. TEST BANK. TABLE OF CONTEN... TS Chapter 1. Introduction to Pathophysiology Chapter 2. Altered Cells and Tissues Chapter 3. Inflammation and Tissue Repair Chapter 4. Altered Immunity Chapter 5. Infection Chapter 6. Genetic and Developmental Disorders Chapter 7. Altered Cellular Proliferation and Differentiation Chapter 8. Altered Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Balance Chapter 9. Altered Neuronal Transmission Chapter 10. Altered Sensory Function and Pain Perception Chapter 11. Altered Hormonal and Metabolic Regulation Chapter 12. Altered Reproductive Function Chapter 13. Altered Ventilation and Diffusion Chapter 14. Altered Perfusion Chapter 15. Altered Nutrition Chapter 16. Altered Elimination Chapter 17. Degenerative Changes in Aging Chapter 18. Integrated Pathophysiologic Concepts: Diabetes Mellitus Glossary [Show More]

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