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Focused Exam: Cough Results | Turned In Advanced Health Assessment - Chamberlain, NR509-April-2018 Return to Assignment Your Results LLaabb PPaassss Started: Jun 04, 2018 | Patient Exam Time: 86 m... in Transcript Greet 06/04/18 2:50 PM CDT Question 06/04/18 2:51 PM CDT Question 06/04/18 2:52 PM CDT Question 06/04/18 2:52 PM CDT Question 06/04/18 2:52 PM CDT Overview Transcript Subjective Data Collection Objective Data Collection Education & Empathy Documentation Self-Reflection IInntteerrvviieeww QQuueessttiioonnss ((7766)) SSttaatteemmeennttss ((88)) EExxaamm AAccttiioonnss ((9966)) Hello, My name is Sara an FNP student and I will be interviewing you today Hi. What brought you into the clinic today? My Abuela brought me here because I've been feeling sick. I have been coughing a lot. . . and I feel kinda tired. What is your name? My name is Daniel Rivera, but I just go by Danny. And how old are you? I'm eight. What is your date of birth? I was born March 4th in, um . . . [Danny reports correct birth year.] [AUDIO COMING SOON] [Show More]

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