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1. A nurse is reinforcing discharge teaching about wound care with a family member of a client who is postoperative. Which of the following should the nurse include in the teaching? a) Administer a... n analgesic following wound care.(The nurse should remind the family member to administer an analgesic prior to wound care to prevent discomfort.) b) Irrigate the wound with povidone iodine.(The nurse should remind the family member to irrigate the wound with 0.9% sodium chloride.) c) Cleanse the wound with a cotton-tipped applicator.(The nurse should remind the family member to avoid using a cotton-tipped applicator to cleanse the wound because the fibers can become embedded in the wound, cause infection, and delay wound healing.) d) Report purulent drainage to the provider.(The nurse should remind the family member to report signs of infection, including purulent drainage.) 2. A nurse is caring for a client who has bacterial meningitis. Upon monitoring the client, which of the following findings should the nurse expect? a) Flaccid neck(The nurse should recognize that nuchal rigidity, rather than a flaccid neck, is a manifestation of meningitis.) This study source was downloaded by 100000829219024 from on 08-13-2021 [Show More]

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