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A client with schizophrenia is given an antipsychotic drug. The nurse recalls all the extrapyramidal effects associated with this type of medication and anticipates that the drug will be discontinued... if which occurs? 1 Akathisia Correct2 Tardive dyskinesia 3 Parkinsonian syndrome 4 Acute dystonic reaction Tardive dyskinesia is characterized by protrusion and vermicular movements of the tongue, chewing and puckering movements of the mouth, and a puffing of the cheeks. These adverse effects may or may not be reversible when the antipsychotic medication is withdrawn. Motor restlessness (akathisia), parkinsonian symptoms, or an acute dystonic reaction can be treated with an antiparkinsonian or anticholinergic drug while the antipsychotic medication is continued. 67%of students nationwide answered this question correctly. 3204290949 Confidence: Just a guess Stats Issue with this question? 2. The primary healthcare provider prescribes a neuroleptic drug to a client diagnosed with schizophrenia. On what basis would the primary healthcare provider choose the drug? 1 Symptoms Correct2 Side effects 3 Therapeutic effects4 Underlying pathology First-generation antipsychotic drugs are also known as neuroleptics. The selection of these drugs is primarily based on side effects rather than therapeutic effects. Because all symptoms respond equally to antipsychotic drugs, the drug selection may not be based on symptoms. Because these drugs do not alter the underlying pathology, the selection may not be based on underlying pathology. 34%of students nationwide answered this question correctly. 3042081501 Confidence: Just a guess Stats Issue with this question? [Show More]

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