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Operative chemistry quiz(Question & Answer)

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You are about to place a composite restoration. The steps are as follows: • A. bonding agent, cure, rinse, acid etch, composite • B. rinse, acid etch, cure, bonding agent, composite • C. a... cid etch, rinse, cure, bonding agent, composite • D. acid etch, rinse, bonding agent, cure, composite Answer Key:D Question 2 of 10 10.0 Points The primary retention for a ceramic onlay is provided by? • A. Friction • B. Type of cement • C. Finishing with hand instruments • D. Type of investment Answer Key:B Question 3 of 10 10.0 Points Carious lesions are most likely to occur? •A. in the lingual grooves and pits of maxillary molars • B. in buccal grooves and buccal pits of mandibular molars • C. in the occlusal grooves and pits of mandibular molars • D. in the lingual pits of maxillary incisors • E. varies according to patient hygiene and diet [Show More]

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