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LETRS Module 4 Test questions and answers already passed

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LETRS Module 4 test questions and answers already passed What is vocabulary? ✔✔Knowledge of and memory for word reading Receptive Vocabulary ✔✔what we understand when we hear or read words ... (what they understand) Expressive Vocabulary ✔✔words we use to speak and write (what they defend) What is the four part processing model of word recognition? ✔✔1. Context processor 2. Meaning processor 3. Phonological processor 4. Orthographic processor Strategies to teach ELL students new vocab? ✔✔Demonstrations and prior knowledge How many times does a student need to hear a word before they know its meaning? ✔✔must be exposed 10 to 12 times how many words should be taught per week/ ✔✔10 words per week what are three things to promote vocabulary growth? ✔✔1. morphology 2. categories 3. multiple meanings What are two ways NOT to teach vocabulary? ✔✔dictionary and worksheet Teachers should teach what tier? ✔✔Should teach tier 2 words because of comprehension Superordinate ✔✔main heading suberordinate ✔✔categories Besides Tier 2 teachers should also teach what words? ✔✔content specific and tier 3 words What do you do to clarify the meaning of a new word? ✔✔look at structural and textual analysis what are ways to promote oral language development? ✔✔picture activity What are the domain specific words/ ✔✔Root, Triad, chord, appoggiatura, auxiliary Franconian, long, breve, notes, mood, triple, duple. Would you recommend that a list of vocabulary terms be assigned each week? ✔✔I would suggest providing a list of vocabulary to the students, but I would also use strategies to teach the vocabulary in class such as: categorization, and multiple meanings How would you recommend that the teachers select the vocabulary to teach? ✔✔I would recommend giving the students a pre vocabulary test that way teachers can use the results to select the words that students struggled with the most. What specific vocabulary building strategies would you recommend for ELL? ✔✔I would use formal structured definitions using cognates, multiple meanings, specific demonstrations, and word mapping. Explicit instruction word ✔✔Chord The word we are learning today is chord. Say it with me c-hor-d One more time Chord. Chord can mean different things such as: the chord to your phone charger or the chord of rope. However today we are learning a different meaning. The word chord in the text means a series of three music notes. So when I say that a chord sounded beautiful I am saying that the three notes sounded beautiful. What is a chord? A chord is a series of three notes For example, if I asked you to play a chord on the guitar I am asking you to play three notes. What is the meaning of chord when we are talking about music? Say the word with me one more time So instead of saying play three notes on the piano we can use the word Chord. What are some instruments we could play a chord on? How many musical notes make up a chord? Chord is a series of three musical notes. What are strategies to teach vocabulary? ✔✔1. multiple meanings 2. word categories 3. formal structured definitions 4. semantic feature analysis 5. semantic- synatic features 6. types of antonyms [Show More]

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