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LETRS MODULE Final Questions and Answers Already Graded A phoneme ✔✔in language, the smallest distinctive sound unit Grapheme ✔✔the written or printed representation of a phoneme Phonics �... ��✔The predictable relationship between phonemes and graphemes Phonemic Awareness ✔✔The ability to hear, identify,and manipulate the individual sounds, phonemes, in oral language. phonological awareness ✔✔the ability to reflect on and manipulate the sound structure of spoken language syllable ✔✔a word part that contains a vowel, or, in spoken language, a vowel sound. Onset and Rime ✔✔-Parts of spoken language that are smaller than syllables but larger than phonemes -Onset is the initial consonant(s) sound of a syllable (the b- of bag; the sw- of swim) -Rime is the part of the syllable that contains the vowel and all that follows it (the -ag of bag; the -im of swim) Phoneme Isolation ✔✔—recognizing the individual sounds in words. For example, "Tell me the first sound you hear in the word top (/t/)." Phoneme Identity ✔✔recognizing the common sound in different words. For example, "Tell me the sound that is the same in pig, pot, and pie (/p/)." phoneme categorization ✔✔recognize a word with a sound that does not match the sounds in other words (bus,bun,rug) = rug phoneme blending ✔✔combining phonemes to make a word (b-i-g) phoneme segmentation ✔✔breaking a word into separate sounds and counting them phoneme deletion ✔✔being able to identify a sound that has been deleted from a word (smile without s is mile) phoneme addition ✔✔make a new word by adding a phoneme to an existing word park-spark adding s phoneme substitution ✔✔Substitute one phoneme for another to make a new word (Example- the word is 'bug'. Change the /g/ to /n/. What's the new word? Bun) Phonemic reversal ✔✔Reversing the first and last sound Phonology ✔✔the study of speech sounds in language Syntax ✔✔The arrangement of words and phrases to create well-formed sentences in a language. Semantics ✔✔the set of rules by which we derive meaning from morphemes, words, and sentences in a given language; also, the study of meaning orthography ✔✔a method of representing the sounds of a language by written or printed symbols Pragmatics (use) ✔✔the rules of language governing how language is used for social purposes Hourglass Concept ✔✔Phonological awareness, Sentences, words, syllables, onset/rime, phonemes voiced sounds ✔✔are produced, in part by the vibrations of the vocal chords (v, z, th) unvoiced sound ✔✔a sound where no voice is used, e.g. /p/ in pad, /t/ in tomorrow. No movement or vibration can be felt in the throat. Nasals ✔✔m, n, ŋ Fricatives ✔✔produced by a constant flow of air through the vocal tract (f and v) Affricates ✔✔ch/j Glides ✔✔w, y Liquids ✔✔l, r diphthong ✔✔n. The sound produced by combining two vowels in to a single syllable or running together the sounds. Dialect ✔✔A regional variety of a language distinguished by vocabulary, spelling, and pronunciation. RTI ✔✔Response to Intervention Teaching Phonological Awareness ✔✔Clapping sounds in words, saying blended phonemes, singing songs, nursery rhymes, reading patterned texts, environmental sounds, following directions, rhyming games, alliterative texts, grouping objects using beginning sounds, reordering words in a sentence to make silly phrases. Screening and prediction instruments ✔✔DIBELS, TPRI, AIMS, PALS, CPLA, IDEL Diagnostic Inventories ✔✔LAC, CTOPP, RAN/RAS, phonological awareness test, really great reading assessments breve ✔✔Represents short or unstressed vowel û macron ✔✔horizontal mark indicating that the vowel over which it is placed is long ū Alphabetic Principle ✔✔an understanding that letters and letter patterns represent the sounds of spoken words. Floss Rule ✔✔Words of one syllable, ending in f, l, or s - after one vowel, usually ending in ff, ll, or ss (sounds /f/, /l/, /s/). 6 syllable types ✔✔Closed, open, vowel-consonant-silent e, vowel pair, R-controlled, and consonant-le. Hourglass top and bottom ✔✔Phonology, orthography C and g as soft sound ✔✔Before I, e, y C and g as hard sound ✔✔Before o, a,u Spoken Syllable ✔✔unit of speech organized around a vowel sound Why teach syllables? ✔✔Knowing the syllable types helps readers know whether a vowel is long, short, a dipthong, r controlled or whether endings have been added. Morphophonology ✔✔The rules governing sound changes that accompany the combination of morphemes in a language. inflectional endings ✔✔Sounds, which are added to words to indicate tense, possession, number of comparison Reccomended key words for short vowels ✔✔Apple, echo, itch, octopus, up Key words for selected consonants ✔✔Dog, tent, box, goat, rope word families ✔✔groups of words that have the same ending soudn (rime) but a different beginning sound (onset), such as can, man, fan. Sight Words ✔✔Words that are recognized immediately. It can also refer to high frequency words and words that are learned only through memorization. Very few words can be learned through memory. Most are learned through phonics. Steps of effective phonics instruction ✔✔State goal, review previous lesson, teach lesson, practice word reading, word practice activities, dictation, reinforce word meaning, practice text reading [Show More]

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