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LETRS module 5 questions and answers latest 2022 Reading fluency ✔✔oral reading with sufficient speed and accuracy to support comprehension of text. It is later applied to silent reading and in... cludes prosodic reading automaticity in word recognition ✔✔being able to quickly identify a word. Having this skill frees brain space that can be used for problem solving. Accurate word recognition ✔✔being able to identify a word when it is read. this is important because it leads to comprehension. What does reading fluency depend on? ✔✔it depends on many smaller skills including speech sounds, recognition of graphemes, and word chunking. prosody ✔✔expression when reading. this is included in fluency to keep readers interested. Common orf assessment ✔✔DIBBLES, one minute assessments Four part processing model ✔✔Context- meaning of passage Meaning processor- vocabulary phonological processor- speech sound systems orthographic- memory for letters Ehri's model of word recognition ✔✔model of and phases of reading and spelling that show the levels of proficiency in basic reading what is the relationship between ORF and silent reading from 3rd to 8th grade? ✔✔it stays consistent Early reading instruction should focus on what two things? ✔✔word recognition and fluency what contributes to automaticity? ✔✔rapid speech recognition reduced need for attention The stroop effect Why is fluency important? ✔✔important because students can focus on the meaning of the words rather than decoding them Early Alphabetic phase ✔✔Automaticity with letters, sounds, and sound symbol correspondence what are the building blocks of fluency ✔✔phonemes, phonemic awareness, word chunking, and phoneme grapheme correspondance Early to later alphabetic stage ✔✔automaticity with phonic decoding later alphabetic phase ✔✔recognizing high frequency words benchmark percentile for orf? ✔✔50% how should you chart fluency? ✔✔allow students to put marks on their own charts What is partner reading and what does it do? ✔✔promotes fluency and reaches benchmarks, when two students or teacher and student read together Prefix/suffix ✔✔must have fluency and know vocabulary to figure out prefixes and suffixes. What is a way to identify for reading intervention? ✔✔Find ORF by using dibbles Strategies to promote ORF? ✔✔reading aloud, short passages, 1 minute readings Most common cause of fluency problems ✔✔Decoding issues Curriculum based measurement? ✔✔test to measure progress. Results are reliable, and dependent progress monitoring over time Describe what is meant by reading fluency? ✔✔The best definition for reading fluency is to be able to read with automaticity, which is recognizing words automatically, to promote comprehension of words and the passage. Phonemic awareness, phonics, and letter knowledge support what? ✔✔These foundational skills support fluency which later supports comprehension. In order to be fluent a student must be able to correctly know the sounds, and structure of words before they can automatically recognize them. Fluency supports comprehension and comprehension supports fluency, explain why? ✔✔Fluency supports comprehension because when a student is a fluent reader they can spend more time focusing on the meaning of words instead of spending time decoding them. Comprehension supports fluency because the more a student understands a passage or words the more fluent they can be when reading. How is fluency supported by the size of a students oral vocabulary? ✔✔The more words that a student can read orally the more fluent they are because they have a large vocabulary of commonly used words. Explain why the amount of words recognized automatically is the most important factor in explaining differences in reading fluency ✔✔because when a student can recognize words automatically they can read more fluently than those students who struggle with recognizing words. This is the major factor as to why some student can read more fluently because they are able to recognize more words. [Show More]

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