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American Heart Association CPR (2022/2023) Already Passed How many parts are there in CPR? ✔✔4 - airway, breathing, circulation, defribillation Importance of recoil during compressions? ✔✔e... nables heart refilling What may happen in an incomplete recoil during compressions? ✔✔reduction in level of blood flow from chest compressions How far should you press down on an adult victim during compressions? ✔✔2 inches Duration needed for delivering regular breath? ✔✔1 second How many compressions must be delivered within one minute of adult CPR? ✔✔100 compressions Ratio of compression-ventilation for an infant or child CPR ✔✔30:2 What is the ratio of compression-ventilation for adult CPR? ✔✔30:2 You must try minimizing interruptions that last up to how many seconds ✔✔10 seconds When one man adult CPR is being performed, what should the duration time for checking the breathing of the victim be? ✔✔5-10 seconds When giving CPR to children and adolescent, how far should you press down on the victim? ✔✔1/3 depth of the child's chest Cardiac arrest ✔✔absence of cardiac mechanical activity What causes cardiac arrest on the most common level ✔✔Respiratory arrest 2 CPR indications? ✔✔Respiratory and Cardiac arrests Respiratory arrest ✔✔absence of breathing with presence of pulse Chain of Survival's 4 components ✔✔early access, early defibrillation, early CPR, early advanced care How many seconds are required for the completion of one CPR cycle? ✔✔22 seconds What age group do infants fall into? ✔✔1 - 12 months old Age group of children ✔✔1 - 14 years old What is the first link in the adult "chain of survival" ✔✔early recognition proper hand position for compressions on a 6 year old ✔✔with one or two hands, lower half of breast bone what technique is used for clearing airway of victim? ✔✔lift chin up, tilt head back most common airway obstruction ✔✔tongue recovery postion ✔✔placing victim on their side For circulation, where should you check the victims pulse? ✔✔Carotid artery in a child Brachial artery in an infant Carotid artery in adult [Show More]

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