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CPCE Exam. Commonly Tested Practice Questions and Answers 100% Verified

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CPCE Exam Practice Questions and Answers 100% Verified The view that children begin their development as a blank slate has been identified by which theorist? ✔✔Tabula Rasa John Locke Strong i... nterpersonal relationships are often forget by individuals working for the same company. Not infrequently marriages are the result of some of these relationships. The principle here is called? ✔✔Propinquity Frequently mental status exam is administered to an individual seeking mental health services. This formal process covers several specific areas which is not one of those? ✔✔Mood and affect A schedule of reinforcement wherein a reinforcer is provided following a predetermined average number of responses. E.g. a professional counselor determines fees for monthly consultation services on a job-by-job basis. ✔✔Variable Ratio A schedule of reinforcement that is to be delivered after a constant or ____number of responses. E.g. A ___ratio schedule of 2 means reinforcement is delivered after every 2 correct responses. ✔✔Fixed Ratio In the world of psychology this interval refers to a schedule of reinforcement used within operant conditioning. ✔✔Fixed Interval A type of associative learning in which a person's behavior changes according to that behaviors consequence. E.g Skinner in Box ✔✔Operant conditioning The concept of reinforcement is that the reinforcer should provide motivation for the behavior to be repeated. In operant conditioning, variable means that a behavior is being reinforced on an inconsistent schedule. ✔✔Variable Interval (12-18) Who am I and what do I want to become? ✔✔Identity vs. Role Confusion (Stage 5) Erikson (19-35) Am I committed to and can I play the role I have chosen in various areas of my life? ✔✔Intimacy vs. Isolation (Stage 6) Erikson [Show More]

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CPCE Bundled Exams Questions and Answers (2022/2023) (Verified Solutions)

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