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CE Shop Final Exam Questions and Answers 100% Pass Blaire apparently hasn't learned her lesson. She paid a $5,000 penalty when MREC found her guilty of misrepresentation, a $10,000 penalty when she... was found guilty of placing a for sale sign in someone's yard without permission, and now she's committed three more violations by placing a series of discriminatory ads. What's the maximum penalty MREC can levy for these new violations? ✔✔75,000 Which of these parties WOULD need a real estate license in Maryland? ✔✔Marsha, an attorney who is selling a client's home, as this is something she typically does as part of her practice New Maryland licensees pay a fee into the Guaranty Fund to help maintain it. What is the amount of the fee? ✔✔$20 DeShawn has been licensed as a salesperson in Maryland for 18 months. Which of the following statements is true about his upcoming license renewal? ✔✔The commission will send DeShawn a renewal reminder at least 60 days before his license's expiration date. Who presides over a Maryland Real Estate Commission hearing? ✔✔An administrative law judge In order to qualify as one of the five real estate professional members of the Maryland Real Estate Commission board, how many years of real estate experience must you have? ✔✔10 Damon lives in Frederick but is affiliated with a broker in downtown Baltimore. He'd like to affiliate with a broker closer to home but doesn't want to sever his relationship with his current broker. What needs to happen in order for Damon to be [Show More]

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