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Question 1. A Bethesda System Pap smear report that reads LSIL is most consistent with which classification Question 2. A single Pap smear reading of ASCUS in a patient negative for HPV infection... should have what as follow-up? Question 3 A female patient is 35 years old. She has never had an abnormal Pap smear and has had regular screening since age 18. If she has a normal Pap smear with HPV testing today, when should she have the next cervical cancer screening Question 4. Lab results on your 26-year-old patient show a negative Pap smear with a positive HPV screen. Which procedure will be required next Question 5. 9yo female has completed course of amox for strep throat. LMP was 2wks ago, says it was normal. On exam, there's erythema of extern. genitalia w/small amount of white discharge. Micro wet prep reveals few clue cells, but many budding hyphae. No WBCs. Which one would be the most appropriate treatment? Question 6. Woman c/o vaginal itching, white discharge. She is in good health except for recent abx for strep throat. Pelvic reveals tender vulvovaginal area w/edema and nonmalodorous white patches. Which is the most likely cause? Question 7. 18yo female c/o secondary amenorrhea. On exam, there is normal secondary sex characteristics and normal genitalia. Pregnancy is ruled out. What would necessitate further eval? Question 8 amenorrhea is best described as: Question 9. 25yo female c/o vaginal irritation and discharge. On exam, cervix is easily friable and erythematous. No adnexal tenderness. Wet prep reveals mobile protozoa on NS slide. This most likely represents: Question 10. Treatment options for condyloma acuminatum include: Question 11. 49yo female c/o dark, watery brown vaginal discharge. Which best describes what might be seen on physical exam in pt's with cervical cancer? Question 12. 22yo female c/o pelvic pain. Exam reveals cervical motion and uterine tenderness. Which supports PID dx? Question 13. When a patin is diagnosed with PMS, which intervention would be recommended to help alleviate the symptoms? Question 14. ______ is the condition in which functional endometrial tissue is found in ectopic sites outside the uterus. Question 15. _______ is the condition in which endometrial glands and stoma are found within the myometrium, interspersed between the smooth muscle fibers. Question 16. Uterine ______ are benign neoplasms of smooth muscle origin. Question 17. ________ are firm, rubbery, sharply defined round masses in breast tissue. Question 18. Endometriosis is the condition where endometrial tissue is found growing outside of the uterus in the pelvic cavity. What are risk factors for endometriosis? Question 19. An 18 yr old woman presents at the clinic complaining new-onset breakthrough bleeding, even though she is on contraceptive. What contraceptive use, along with new onset-onset breakthrough bleeding, has been associated with pelvic inflammatory disease? Question 20. A woman with lobular carcinoma in situ has a relative risk of developing invasive breast cancer of Question 21. Pap smear results of atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance require which procedure next Question 22. A 23-year-old woman comes to the clinic for a Pap smear. After the examination, the client confides that her mother had died of endometrial cancer one year ago and says that she is afraid that she would die of the same cancer. Which risk factor stated by the client after an education session on wrist factors indicate that brother teaching is needed Question 23. The frequency for cervical screening depends on the patient and her age. What is the longest recommended time interval between cervical screens for patients who are 65 years old or younger Question 24. Jenna was evaluated and diagnosed with condyloma acuminatum. Treatment options for Jenna will include all of the following except Question 25 I can roll over grasp a rattly, and reach for things and have begun feeding myself finger foods, but i can't wave bye-bye yet. How old am I? Question 26. I can walk well on tiptoes, my speech is 50% understandable, I know six body parts, but can't balance on one foot for 2 seconds. I am: Question 27. Most children can independently dress themselves by age Question 28. A 35-year-old smoker is being evaluated for birth control choices. Patient has a history of pelvic inflammatory disease along with an embolic episode after her last pregnancy. Which of the following methods of birth control would you recommend Question 29. A 20-year-old woman visiting the clinic says that she wishes to begin using Depot Medroxyprogesterone acetate (Depo-Provera) as a form of birth control what important information said the nurse include when teaching the client about Depo-Provera Question 30. A client seeking advice about contraception asked the nurse about how an Intrauterine device prevent pregnancy how should the nurse respond Question 31. Question A nurse is teaching a group of women about the side effects of different types of contraceptives. What frequent side effect associated with the use of an IUD should the nurse discussed during the teaching session Question 32. A nurse is teaching a female client about the side effects of estrogen in an oral contraceptive. Which common side effect identified by the client indicates to the nurse at the teaching was effective Question 33. A nurse is canceling a female client with type one diabetes to request a contraceptive information. What contraceptive method should the nurse recommend Question 34. The client asked the nurse about the use of an IUD for contraception. What information should the nurse include in the response Question 35. Sylvia is 44-year-old woman with dysfunctional uterine bleeding and is an able to use oral contraceptives. Which of the following medications can be use for management of DUB Question 36. Which is not a common cause of irregular menstrual bleeding Question 37. A 25-year-old, presents with dysmenorrhea. She states that her sister and mother have endometriosis, so she would like to be evaluated for it. Which of the following is consistent with a diagnosis of endometriosis Question 38. A 16-year-old female is diagnosed with primary dysmenorrhea. She has taken over the counter ibuprofen 800 mg increments every eight hours during mentors for the past three months with minimal relief of symptoms. What intervention will provide greatest relief of dysmenorrhea symptoms Question 39. My 24-year-old female presents to the practice with a painless 2 cm lobular mass in the right breast that is freely mobile and firm. This has noted on self breast examination, and she reports it has been unchanged for the past three months. The best course of action by the nurse practitioner would be to Question 40. A nurse is caring for a client who has contracted a trichomonal infection. Which oral drug should the nurse anticipate that the healthcare provider will most likely prescribe Question 41. For the patient with chronic bacterial vaginosis, the nurse practitioner will prescribe Question 42. Women with a history of P ID have an increased risk for all of the following except Question 43. Which of the following is the best method to diagnose a vaginal trichomonas infection Question 44. A 30-year-old woman who is sexually active complains of a large amount of milk like vaginal discharge for several weeks. A micro scopic slide reveals a large number of cells that have blurred margins. Very few white blood cells are seen. The vaginal pH is at six. What is most likely Question 45. A 25-year-old woman complains of dysuria, severe vaginal up your ride is, and a malodorous vaginal discharge. Pelvic examination reveals a strawberry colored cervix and frothy yellow discharge. Microscopic examination of the discharge reveals multiple organisms that have flagella. The correct pharmacological therapy for the condition is Question 46. You are completing a pelvic exam on 32-year-old and Nancy. You detect a left adnexal mass on the bimanual exam. With an adnexal mass, the practitioner much always suspect Question 47. A young woman presents to your practice with vaginal itching and white discharge. She denied sexual activity or douching. She has been in good health except for recurrent strep throat. Pelvic examination reveals a tender vulvovaginal area with edema and white patches, no odor is detected. Which of the following is the most likely cause of this problem Question 48. A 24-year-old female presents to the office with a complaint of vaginal itching in addition to thick mucoid discharge. She also has some mild urinary discomfort. The wet mount preparation using potassium hydroxide reveals a negative whiff test and few clue cells. There was no trichomonas visualized but the WBCs were too numerous to count. Which of the following would be the most likely diagnosis in the patient Question 49. A 25-year-old woman comes to clinic complaining of increased vaginal discharge, milky gray in color with a fishy odor that both she and her husband have noticed. I wet smear is performed and the presence of clue cells confirmed. Which type of infection does the nurse suspect Question 50. Which of the following statements is accurate regarding the usefulness of mammo in screening and detection of breast cancer [Show More]

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