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109 ExamFX Pennsylvania life and health ExamFX simulated exam Questions and 100% Correct Answers

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109 ExamFX Pennsylvania life and health ExamFX simulated exam Questions and 100% Correct Answers 1. An employee becomes insured under a PPO plan provided by his employer. If the insured decides to... go to a physician who is not a PPO provider, which of the following will happen? ANS: The PPO will pay reduced benefits 2. Insurers may change which of the following on a guaranteed renewable health insurance policy? ANS: Rates by class 3. If a business wants to buy a disability income policy on a key employee, which of the following is considered the applicant? ANS: The employer 4. When must an insurance company present an outline of coverage to an applicant for a Medicare Supplement Policy? ANS: At the time of application 5. According to the PPACA metal levels classification, if a health plan is expected to cover 90% of the cost for an average population, and the participants would cover the remaining 10% what type of plan is that? ANS: Platinum 6. A producer licensed in Pennsylvania must notify the Insurance Department of any change in address in his or her residence or business address within how many days? ANS: 30 7. Which of the following is true regarding Medicare Supplement Policies? ANS: They must be guaranteed renewable 8. When the policy premium wasn't submitted with the application, what should the agent obtain from the insured upon policy delivery ANS: A statement of good health 9. The act of voluntarily giving up insurance by the insured is called ANS: Cancellation 10. What type of benefit helps to pay for accidental injuries that are not severe enough to qualify as disabilities? ANS: Medical Reimbursement Benefit 11. Which renewal option does NOT guarantee renewal and allows the insurance company to refuse renewal of a policy of any premium due date ANS: Optionally renewable In comparison to a policy that uses the accidental means definition, a policy that uses the accidental bodily injury definition would provide a coverage that is?ANS: Broader in general [Show More]

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