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172 CPC Exam Prep Questions and 100% Correct Answers. 2022/2023 updates.

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172 CPC exam prep Questions and 100% Correct Answers 1. What part of Medicare covers prescription drug services - Answer-Part D 2. What is medical coding? - Answer-Translating medical documentation... into codes. 3. Which is NOT a covered entity of HIPAA... Medicare, Worker's Comp, Dentists, Pharmacies - Answer-Workers compensation 4. What is an NCD (National Coverage Determination) interpreted at the MAC level considered? - Answer-LCD (Local Coverage Determinations) 5. When should an ABN (Advance Beneficiary Notification) be signed? - Answerwhen a service is not expected to be covered under medicare 6. The amount on an ABN should be within how much of the cost to a patient? - Answer-$100 or 25% of cost 7. An entity that processes nonstandard health information they receive from another entity into a standard is considered what? - Answer-Clearinghouse 8. A covered entity does not include: - Answer-patients 9. What is PHI? - Answer-Protected Health Information 10.Intentional billing of services not provided is considered - Answer-fraud 11.What OIG document should a provider review for potential problem areas that will receive special scrutiny in the upcoming year? - Answer-OIG Work Plan 12.5 Body cavities - Answer-cranial, spinal, thoracic, abdominal, pelvic 13.5 types of membranes - Answer-mucous, serous, synovial, meninges, cutaneous 14.2 layers of the skin - Answer-epidermis and dermis 15.5 layers of epidermis - Answer-stratum corneum, stratum lucidum, stratum granulosum, stratum spinosum, stratum basale 16.2 layers of dermis - Answer-papillary and reticular 17.Closed fracture - Answer-broken bone with no open wound18.compound fracture - Answer-bone breaks through the skin 19.comminuted fracture - Answer-fracture in which the bone is splintered or crushed 20.transverse fracture - Answer-occurs straight across the bone 21.greenstick fracture - Answer-bending and incomplete break of a bone; most often seen in children 22.spiral fracture - Answer-a fracture in which the bone has been twisted apart 23.Colles' fracture - Answer-fracture of the distal radius at the wrist 24.compression fracture - Answer-occurs when the bone is pressed together (compressed) on itself (vertebrae) 25.epiphyseal fracture - Answer-a break at the location of the growth plate, which can affect growth of the bone 26.types of muscle - Answer-skeletal, cardiac, smooth 27.3 layers of the heart - Answer-epicardium, myocardium, endocardium 28.organs of the lymphatic system - Answer-lymph nodes, lymphatic vessels, thymus gland, spleen, tonsils 29.Central Nervous System (CNS) - Answer-brain and spinal cord 30.Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) - Answer-the sensory and motor neurons that connect the CNS to the rest of the body 31.Components of blood - Answer-plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets 32.a patient sustaining an injury to her great saphenous vein would have sustained an injury to which anatomical site? - Answer-leg 33.What is a function of the pancreas? - Answer-Supplies digestive enzymes. 34.Sebaceous glands are part of which anatomic system? - Answer-Integumentary 35.What part of the eye refracts light? - Answer-Lens 36.The myocardium is the thickest around which chamber of the heart? - AnswerLeft ventricle37.The tunica vaginalis is part of which system? - Answer-male reproductive 38.Complete the series: Incus, Stapes... - Answer-Malleus 39.Hemiplegia is a disorder caused by a defect i which anatomic system? - AnswerNervous 40.What is the result of a ureteral blockage? - Answer-Urine will not be able to flow from the kidney to the bladder. 41.What is a term for a renal calculus? - Answer-Nephrolithiasis 42.What year was the AAPC founded? - Answer-1988 43.Super fascia is in the - Answer-hypodermis 44.Stratum Lucidum is found - Answer-In areas such as the palms and soles (Thicker skin) 45.Arteries - Answer-carry blood away from the heart 46.veins - Answer-Blood vessels that carry blood back to the heart 47.Capillaries - Answer-Smallest blood vessels; site of oxygen and waste exchange 48.3 layers of the eye - Answer-sclera, choroid, retina 49.anterior segment of eye - Answer-contains aqueous humor 50.posterior segment of eye - Answer-contains vitreous humor 51.Leukocytosis refers to - Answer-increased amount of white blood cells (WBC) 52.what structure of the ear is considered the inner ear? - Answer-labrynth 53.what type of membrane lines the inner walls of the digestive system? - Answermucous 54.what structure is an internal organ of the ma [Show More]

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