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Board of Cosmetology (PSI) Written Exam Prep Questions and answers, 2022, graded A

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Board of Cosmetology (PSI) Written Exam Prep Questions and answers, 2022, graded A The federal agency that regulates & enforces safety & health standards in the workplace? - ✔✔OSHA if im... plements come in contact with blood, they must be disinfected in? - ✔✔Tuberculocidal One-celled microorganism with both plant & animal characteristics? - ✔✔Bacteria First level of decontamination? - ✔✔Sanitation (cleaning) The method of decontamination which kills spores? - ✔✔Sterilization Removing all visible dirt & debris by using soap & water? - ✔✔Sanitation Store disinfected implements in? - ✔✔Clean, dry & cover containers The chemical process whereby cells are nourished & carry out their activities is? - ✔✔Metabolism Study of the structure, function, & diseases of the muscles? - ✔✔Myology Muscles that control movement of fingers & hand? - ✔✔Muscles of the forearm Nervous system is responsible for? - ✔✔Coordinating Science that deals with the composition, structures, & properties of matter? - ✔✔Chemistry The ph·scale measures? - ✔✔The acidity & alkalinity Redox reactions involve a transfer between the oxidizing agent and? - ✔✔The reducing agent The negative electrode is called? - ✔✔A Cathode A design that creates 2 resulting halves form a mirror image of one another? - ✔✔Symmetrical Wave pattern & hair texture define? - ✔✔Surface appearance The face shape that ideals for modifying all other facial types? - ✔✔Oval A good shampoo has a pH ranging from? - ✔✔4.5 - 5.5 What chemical is used to clean shampoo bowl after each client - ✔✔Disinfectant Scalp treatment can be performed before? - ✔✔Shampoo Cap could be used along with? - ✔✔Neck Strip Place cap cover on shampoo chair to prevent? - ✔✔Water from running down the client's neck Maintaining good posture helps? - ✔✔Keep practitioner's well-being Cross-checking helps? - ✔✔Balance the haircut Hair that is resistant is? - ✔✔Poor porosity Complementary colors are primary & secondary colors that are positioned? - ✔✔Directly opposite each other An oxidizing agent that is mixed with hair color or hair lightener? - ✔✔Hydrogen peroxide The preliminary test will tell you how the hair will react to the formula? - ✔✔Strand Test Apply the lightener to the hair near the scalp with? - ✔✔1/2 inch partings Fillers help? - ✔✔Equalize porosity To make uniform color when coloring prelightened hair back to its natural color? - ✔✔Color Filler When prelightening, if area is too dark, use? - ✔✔Hair color remover To avoid overlapping during a hair color retouch, just color up to? - ✔✔The demarcation line In permanent wave, the size of curl is determined by? - ✔✔The size of rod Hair that may not be able to hold the curl from permanent wave? - ✔✔Low elasticity hair 2 most common types of chemical hair relaxers? - ✔✔Ammonium thioglycolate & hydroxide Alkaline permanent wave solution? - ✔✔Soften & swell the hair To prevent chipping to the finished nail use? - ✔✔Top coat What kind of manicure requires heat? - ✔✔Conditioning oil manicure Which product enhances the adhesion of acrylic to the natural nail? - ✔✔Nail primer To take off acrylic nail? - ✔✔Soak in acetone remover How to use an epilator? - ✔✔Wax heater After hair removing? - ✔✔Use astringent Small wig that men usually use? - ✔✔Toupees Method of attaching extension hair that is bonded to the client's hair with a bonding material? - ✔✔Fusion The chemical bond that link amino acids together? - ✔✔Peptide bonds (end bonds) Chemical hair relaxer penetrate to hair shaft begin at? - ✔✔Cuticle Hair color is recorded? - ✔✔Every time client gets color services To protect your skin, sunscreen must have an SPF of? - ✔✔15 or Higher Stroking movement massage? - ✔✔Effleurage The massage method that effects nerves & tendons? - ✔✔Petrissage When doing basic facial, drape the client from? - ✔✔Chest under Bitten nails? - ✔✔Onychophagy Onychomycosis is? - ✔✔Fungal Infection Bacteria inflammation of the tissues surrounding the nail? - ✔✔Paronychia Atrophy or wasting away of the nail? - ✔✔Onychatrophia Disorder of the sebaceous gland? - ✔✔Corned ones In dramatic make up, dark colors? - ✔✔Minimizes prominent features When holding instrument too tight, your hand can get? - ✔✔Carpal tunnel syndrome Lip color must be applied with? - ✔✔A disinfected brush Recommended daily caloric intake values have been established by? - ✔✔United States Department of Agriculture Before manicure services? - ✔✔Check nail condition & skin area around the nail How to make polish thoroughly mix? - ✔✔Roll the bottle between your palm To take enough fluid in the body every day is? - ✔✔Hydration To Flat iron coarse hair use? - ✔✔Medium Heat & Press Direction of hair growth & texture of hair shaft originate from? - ✔✔Hair Follicle Hair is supplied nutrients by? - ✔✔Dermal Papilla Pigment in the cortex that gives natural color to the hair? - ✔✔Melanin The outermost layer of the skin is known as? - ✔✔Epidermis Wrinkles are the result of? - ✔✔Losing Collagen (Elastin The portion of living skin on which the nail plate sits? - ✔✔Nail Bed The hardened keratin plate slides across the nail bed from the nail root to the free edge is the? - ✔✔Nail Plate How many bones of the skull are not affected by facial massage? - ✔✔5 The blood vessels get nutrients from? - ✔✔Small Intestine One length haircut or zero-elevation haircut is called a? - ✔✔Blunt Haircut What is the base of pin curls that is used along the front of the facial hair line to prevent break or splits? - ✔✔Triangular Base Combination of finger waving & pin curls? - ✔✔Skip Waves If you want the air of blow-dryer to flow more softly, not to disturb the curly hair, one should use? - ✔✔Diffuser When blow-drying, the air stream should? - ✔✔Avoid the scalp Acne is a skin disorder characterized by chronic inflammation of? - ✔✔Sebaceous gland . When tweezing hair, stretch the skin taut and pull hair with a quick motion in the direction of the? - ✔✔Hair Growth To contract the skin after tweezing, sponge the eyebrow area and surrounding skin with? - ✔✔Astringent The direction of massage movements should always be? - ✔✔From insertion to origin of the muscle Cosmetology professionals are only allowed to remove dead surface cells from the? - ✔✔Stratum Corneum Which instrument should be used to slither a client's hair? - ✔✔Shears To remove lightener, hair should be rinsed in water that is? - ✔✔Tepid The following is a MAIN ingredient in a chemical hair relaxer? - ✔✔Sodium Hydroxide What is the first step when doing a silk wrap? - ✔✔Push Back Cuticles How much do nails grow per month for an average adult? - ✔✔1/8 inch What do you need to do to renew your license? - ✔✔Continuing Education Hours What do you use to remove cleansing residues from the face? - ✔✔Toner Why do you drape a client? - ✔✔To protect the client's clothes How often does one sanitize implements? - ✔✔After each client How often do you change razors? - ✔✔After each client What household disinfectant is used in a beauty salon? - ✔✔Bleach How do you discard blood spill towels? - ✔✔In a labeled double bag What type of disease is caused by Spirilla? - ✔✔Syphilis What volume is usually used for hair coloring chemicals? - ✔✔20-Volume When would you perform double process hair coloring? - ✔✔Coloring gray hair How often do you refill acrylic nails? - ✔✔Every two to three weeks What do you call the massage of the scalp, when you slide your fingers on the sides of the head to the top and let the fingers touch? - ✔✔Sliding What elevation is used for a blunt haircut? - ✔✔Zero Elevation Who makes the rules for licensing? - ✔✔TDLR Who makes the rules for sanitation and disinfecting safety? - ✔✔OSHA What-is a reason a license may be revoked? - ✔✔Not following proper sanitation procedures What do you do if a customer has pediculosis (Lice? - ✔✔Refer client to doctor How do you massage the foot? - ✔✔With thumb If you put a dirty hair clipper in the E.P.A container, what does it do to the container? - ✔✔Contaminate the container If a wig has a blunt haircut, how should you remove the bulk? - ✔✔With thinning shears What is pre-lightning? - ✔✔Removing the natural hair color What type of end pagers? - ✔✔ What shampoo is for dry scalp? - ✔✔Humectants shampoo What finger moves the shears when cutting? - ✔✔Thumb What type of braid has three strands overlapping each other? - ✔✔Invisible braid If a client is cut, what is the first thing you should do? - ✔✔First Aid Kit If you color hair, what changes in the strand? - ✔✔The color When buffing nails, why do you pick up the buffer? - ✔✔Not to heat up the nail What chemical hair service diffuses your natural hair color? - ✔✔Bleaching or discoloration When is powder bleach used? - ✔✔Off Scalp bleaching What is the middle layer of the hair? - ✔✔Cortex Where are the nutrients and blood supplies on the hair? - ✔✔Papilla What is the study of the hair? - ✔✔Trichology How many panels or sections are used in a regular permanent wave? - ✔✔Nine Sections How do you roll the hair to achieve the most volume when performing a perm? - ✔✔On Base What is the ideal face shape? - ✔✔Oval What kind of disinfectant should be used? - ✔✔Hospital grade EPA What level of sanitization is washing your hands with soap? - ✔✔Sanitizing Minimum required hours for student work on the floor with clients? - ✔✔150 Hours The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS? - ✔✔Product Ingredient Content and Associated Hazard If the client has a hair cutting appointment, what time is the best to complete a consultation with them? - ✔✔Before giving the haircut After each use, the filter and jets of a tool bath must be? - ✔✔Disinfected When using a razor for cutting, the hair should be? - ✔✔Damp During which scalp massage movements are the fingertips placed on each side of the client's head with the hands sliding firmly upward, spreading the fingertips until they meet at the top of the head? - ✔✔Sliding which massage technique described as deep and kneading stimulated the skins underlying tissue? - ✔✔Deep Tissue To whom does the makeup meet the goal? - ✔✔Consult the client What type of bond is broken by water? - ✔✔Hydrogen Bond Nail service should be avoided for all of the following characteristics of the skin or nail, EXCEPT? - ✔✔Discoloration Staphylococci infections and pus forming bacteria is known as bacteria that grows' in? - ✔✔Clusters Which specialized preparation is designed to help equalize and deposit a base color in a single application? - ✔✔Fillings An individual may conduct manicure services if she holds? - ✔✔Cosmetologist Operator License The center for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for infection control are known as the? - ✔✔Universal Precaution Poor Hair elasticity may be an indication that hair? - ✔✔Has had too many chemical applications [Show More]

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