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OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Questions and Answers Already Passed A+

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What does ERP stand for? A) educational resources planning B) enterprise resource planning C) enterprise reliability production D) end routing procedure E) easy resource planning ANS*** Enterpris... e Resource Planning The availability of ERP supported data can increase ___________ as well as ___________. A) productivity, customer costs B) productivity, invoicing costs C) material costs, customer satisfaction D) material costs, human resource satisfaction E) productivity, customer satisfaction ANS*** productivity, customer satisfaction ______________ MRP is an MRP system that includes production planning, master production scheduling, and capacity requirements planning. A) Fully-integrated B) Closed-loop C) Open-loop D) Wide-range E) Enterprise ANS*** Closed-loop Total cost of ownership (TOC) is defined by all except? A) software cost B) internal human resource costs C) services cost D) 3 years of maintenance cost ANS*** internal human resource costs [Show More]

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