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WGU-Research Foundations (C224): Pre- assmnt (58Qs) with Complete Solutions

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Q1. What is the purpose of evidence in research? ANS- Support theories Q2. A team of educational researchers plan to conduct a local study in the community in order to resolve a critical problem at ... hand. What variety of research does this represent? ANS- Action Q3. What is the name of the process where one determines the truth of a conclusion by determining the truth of the underlying premises? ANS- Deductive reasoning Q4. On a research wheel, which arrow represents the inductive method? ANS- The Exploratory arrow Q5. Theories A and B provide explanations for variance in students' academic performance. Both theories explain performance well; however, Theory A is more concise and succinct. Which approach for evaluating quality is applied to determine that Theory A is preferred for explaining the phenomenon? ANS- The rule of parsimony [Show More]

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